I Shalt Become - In The Falling Snow

1. Intro
2. Burning
3. In The Falling Snow
4. These Cold Desires
5. All Alone And Dead
6. Dreamscapes
7. Acid Lights
8. The Lost Man
9. Our Children Die
10. Outro

S. Holliman - all instruments

In Withering demo (1995)
A Funeral Celebration demo (1996)
Wanderings (1998)
Requiem (2008)

no colours

Interesting, the first impression I got was that I would surely dismiss the band, but then as I got further and further "into" the record, I started to discover how it had affected me. A strange feeling of desolation had begun to form around me. Like a vast landscape without life. It feelt as if you were walking through a winter landscape, contemplating the total lack of human life. Snow flakes are descending, it is as quiet as in a tomb and the darkness is always there - a remainder of death's eternal universe. There's also a stigma of sorrow and missing, a pain beyond words...

The vocals are minimalistic, but well done anyways. It sounds tormented, and I think that's the purpose. I like the build of the songs and the structure on the record, which I see as an wholeness. This, because of the intact feeling of the music. And because of every song is leading you further and further down into this deep melancholy.

If only the production had been a little better.

The totally overdistorted guitars takes overhand in the sound picture. At parts one can only guess the drums in the background, on the other hand, on one of the tracks it becomes such an impact that all the music is chopped in the pace of the bass drums.

Some of the samples are cut in such a way that you hear when it starts again, this sounds really ugly when higher tones makes the loop go faster than lower ones.

It is these flaws that stops me from giving this record a higher grade. I'm wishing for a better version of the same record, for there's plenty of feeling on this one that doesn't really cuts through that barrier of low quality production. There's something truly unique here, and that's a rarity in the black metal I know.


Label - No Colours Records
Three similar bands - Burzum//
Reviewer: Thomas Öberg