Headhunter - Parasite of Society

1. 3rd Man Introduction
2. Parasite Of Society
3. Silverskull
4. Remission
5. Doomsday For The Prayer
6. 18 And Life
7. Read My Lips
8. Backs To The Wall
9. Egomaniac
10. The Calling
11. Payback Time
12. Rapid Fire

Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer -Vocals, Bass
Uwe "Schmuddel" Hoffmann - Guitars
Jörg Michael - Drums

Parody of Life (1990)
A Bizarre Gardening Accident (1992)
Rebirth (1994)

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Schmier, the singer from that awful band Destruction, this can’t be good I thought and added it to the list of records to be distributed to any of the other guys. Still i was curious so I added the songs to my player of compressed music files from a company I will not mention in this review. I have now listened to the songs over and over during my days for over a weeks time now, way more than I managed with previously mentioned crap-band.

Sound wise this is not what to expect from the guy called Schmier, it is more of the hevier power metal in style with more melodies than the full throttle aggressiveness of destruction. It is heavy, not fast for the most part, at times it picks up pace and immediately gets more interesting. As my writing may already have indicated, I am not completely positive to this record. It has some problems that I will get closer to in the next part. Musically again, this record is a heavy/power metal album and it is played as such, not with the fastest riffing but it is quite heavy, if you have heard Grave Digger, then I can say that these two are quite like one another. Heavy metal with a little rougher sound and vocals.

Moving on to my opinions. As I said earlier, this record has problems. One problem is that it is too long, it feels like it never ends it is just slowly chewing through the songs. the music is quite good but in general a bit monotone which is a problem. Still it picks up pace from time to time and you get way more into it, at those time it is really good and it is good in the more general sound of the record as long as it is for a short while. Maybe one should listen to this record in short bursts because it is really good in short bursts. I would say that the covers are the best songs on the record.

I haven’t heard anything from this band before but I would guess that no fans of the prior records will be disappointed, die-hard Grave Digger-fans will probably like this very much as well. There is really nothing wrong with the musical quality here, the production is good and the music as well. One can complain about the song-writing though, it is a bit unvaried and too similar all the way through, a good record needs a bit of variation in order to keep the interest going all the way through and it is at that point Headhunter fail. The don’t fail miserably, this record is good make no mistake about that, but it can’t keep me hooked or interested for long, though Rapid Fire and 18 and Life are real rockers that catch you every time. It is just too bad it is only those two.

If you like raspy singing and powerful heavy metal, this is the real deal for you. You will not be disappointed, but if you aren’t into that very specialised part of the genre then I suppose it will be better to look for something else.

Excellent in part but a bit too carved in stone for me.

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Label - AFM Record/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Grave Digger/Destruction/Paragon
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm