Evergrey - Torn

1. Broken Wings
2. Soaked
3. Fear
4. When Kingdoms Fall
5. In Confidence
6. Fail
7. Numb
8. Torn
9. Nothing is Erased
10. Still Walk Alone
11. These Scars

Tom S. Englund (V & G)
Henrik Danhage (G)
Rikard Zander (Kb)
Jonas Ekdahl (D)
Jari Kainulainen (B)

The Dark Discovery (98)
Solitude-Dominance-Tragedy (99)
In Search of Truth (01)
Recreation Day (03)
The Inner Circle (04)
A Night to Remember (Live, 05)
Monday Morning Apocalypse (06)


Yawn was what I was thinking about writing. But that would be unfair to you readers and you may also think that I am out of clever ideas as I have already opened one review in that way and therefore don’t want to do that again.

Guess I revealed a little about what I thought about this album in the opening paragraph but I don’t consider that much of a problem as most of you probably eye the grading before reading anyway.

Musically now, Evergrey is called dark melodic metal by the record company that has them contracted, SPV. I wonder what Mr Englund think about it as he don’t like to be namecalled, perhaps it is okay as long as it isn’t called anything with progressive metal because that would be terrible. Well, in my opinion they are quite dark and morose, also melodic with dark an monotone singing.

The production of this album is great and really emphasise what it is all about, musically the band is very skilled and know how to use their instruments in an excellent way. So what is it I am all complainy and yawny about? Well, the record is, as all Evergrey records are, well-crafted, well-produced, moody, and well packaged. There is just a few problems, problems that all too often come up as I write these reviews, the lack of interesting and diverse song writing. Another issue I have when battling to find interest in this record is the vocals, they are just good old dull and boooooooring, boring, boring and definitely boring and monotone.

This record probably owns my yawn record through a review copy, it is deeply boring and I just cannot, not matter how much I try, find my way in. At the same time I cannot completely thrash the record either as it is so well-crafted it is just the lack of interesting song writing that prevents it from being fantastic, well a little of this failure is also thanks to the awful vocals.

No matter how nicely you package something, it is not only about the packaging and things around, great song writing is the heart of any great album and this album just doesn’t have that.

Evrygrey’s best song is still the cover of the great Dilba song I’m Sorry, it is not written by them and they do not do it anywhere near as well as Dilba does it. Sorry Evergrey you still have to convince me.

The label I would set on this record is Yawn Metal, maybe something for SPV to think about for a new label on this band?
The question is out there now.


Written 09-25-08

Label - Steamhammer/Triada
Three similar bands- Symphony X/Nevermore/Pagan’s Mind
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm