Eminence - The God of all Mistakes

1. The God of all Mistakes
2. Resistance
3. Day 7
4. Devil’s Boulevard
5. Undermind
6. Injected Lies
7. Written in Dust
8. Snake Beat
9. Stainer
10.Enemy Inside

Wallace Parreiras (V)
Andre Marcio (D)
Alan Wallace (G)
Thiago Correra (B)

Humanalogy (2004)
Chaotic System (1999)

Producerad av Tue Madsen


Brasilian heavyweighters are under scrutiny here and I must say that it was hard to get any real info of what I was getting from the promo sheet. I was expecting something more in the rock’n’metal style but instead it was extreme. It is heavy guitarriffing with a hard distortion and a fairly rough sound all the way through. It is truly heavy with ear numbing base lines and drums that seem to want to break through your ears.

It all starts with the title track which becomes a real surprise to me when I heard it since it was no way near what I was expecting, but still I decide that it is a good track and maybe, just maybe, this could actually be a good record in the extreme department. How I am mistaken thinking that thought, it just gets more and more unbearable the longer the record goes. It feels like there is no idea or thought at all behind it and the same super heavy guitar riffs keeps powering up all the way through and the drummer keeps hammering until he turns blue. There just is nothing there that can raise this album.

I can’t say that I hate all extreme metal, what I don’t like is the mainstream bands of the genre as with any genre, it is just that the good bands seem to be fewer in this genre then many other genres. Eminence is one of this twelve by the dozen bands that really has nothing to bring and not even close to the eminency the title may imply.

I can’t really find much positive at all about this album and cannot see any reason to buy unless it is for completing the extreme metal collection because Eminence does not merit a purchase on their own quality, that much is certain.

In short, lets just bring out the saw and start sawing, this is a record that has hardly anything positive. It is hard to motivate myself to listening through it all and even harder to select it to play. It is not a good record i flunk Eminence in this review.

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Label - Locomotive Records
Three similar bands - Sepultura/Machine Head/Fear Factory
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm