Emil Bulls - The Black Path

1. The Black Path (Intro)
2. To End All Wars
3. The Most Evil Spell
4. All In Tune With The Universe
5. Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One)
6. Wolfsstunde
7. Nothingness
8. Collapsed Memorials
9. Close To The Wind
10. Worlds Apart
11. Pure Anger (The Hex)
12. 10050
13. Cigarette Scars
14. Glad To Be With You Again

Christoph von Freydorf – vocals, guitar
James Richardson – bass
Stephan "Moik" Karl – guitar
Fabian "Fab" Fuess – drums

Red Dick's Potatoe Garden (1997)
Monogamy (2000)
Angel Delivery Service (2001)
Porcelain (2003)
The Southern Comfort (2005)
The Life Acoustic (2007)

Christian Schneider – guitar, vocals
DJ Butterfly Cuts - vocals
Benny Richter - producer, pianos, keyboards, vocals

Jakob Bernhart – sound engineer, mixer
Toni Meloni – editing
Klaus Scheuermann – mastering


Well Well!
Another well.

I just can’t figure out what to say to make an interesting opening of this review. Anywho, “Scotty, fix that damn refrigerator.”
“I can’t sire, if I push it any harder it will blow!”

Anyway, this band is a german metal, rock, hardcore or something like that band. Musically they play aggressive hard and heavy rock music, I don’t quite know how else to describe this purely musical.

The first thing that struck me with this record was that our friends from Sound Pollution didn’t send any paper release information about this record and the band. I had to search around a little to find out a little about this band, if I was the guy to review it or not. Needless to say it fell out the way that I was the guy, I didn’t really find enough good information about them so I decided to take on this record.

Following the first time around with the record I was really ready for a low grade and a kick in the nuts for these German fellows.

The second time I figured that this album has some merit but really no high grader here.

A third time around the grade was low and not really close so lets fast forward to like the tenth time or something like that when the album finally settled into my mind and the blurry picture cleared. I found out that I quite enjoy this album, the choruses are marvellous on most occasions and even though I really don’t care for the yelling singing that is ever so present in this music I find it bearable and even alright at some occasions, still the choruses is what really makes this albums. They just is as solid as anything you’ve ever heard with strength, great melody almost like a hit in the face. Production sounds fine and music is powerful and strong, vocally it is so-so and with great choruses.

Track 4 all in tune with the universe, track 10 words apart, track 12 10050 and finally track 13 cigarette scares are the real highlights of this album which has my usual downside, it is too long. I would say that the band should shorten away three, or maybe four tracks and you have an amazing album that will be around the highest scores.

I can’t come away from thinking this band has a silly name and the record cover is absolutely unremarkable but it is what is behind these things, what rests beneath the surface is what really matters and beneath a quite ugly surface beats a heard of solid plutonium.

Emil Bulls is not at all what it sounds like, it is not a guy named Emil who bullshits all around, it is a band of Germans who yell, scream and spice that up with really good choruses.


Label - Drakkar
Three similar bands - Pro Pain/S-Core/The Dying
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm