The Dying - Triumph Of Tragedy

1. The Beginning Of The End
2. Scars And Stripes
3. Bottles And Pills
4. Gotham
5. Serpent
6. Blessed With Tragedy
7. Killing The Drama
8. Scarred Like Us
9. The Sadist Virus
10.Jesus The Judas
11.Slaves Of Tomorrow

guitar - xKoenx
guitar - Kristof
vocals - Jan
drums - Ben
bass - Kurt



“This ultra tight 5-piece thrash unit from Belgium is well known for their energetic and aggressive live performance” at least that is what the promo sheet states. Lots of other praise for this new band. Then I read a review from some guy at a metal site where i look for info at times, he stated that they were not thrash and their style would not appeal to thrash people, only those who like the modern groove junk, well I don’t know about either of these statements. I know what I think about this record and this band and that is what this review is ultimately about: giving a sense of what it is about and what I think about it, all a subjective opinion about a record. Though attempted to be as objective as possible.

Musically, the strange guy writing junk about this album is right about this not being thrash. It is more a combination of thrash, hardcore with a lot of groove and catchyness. The vocals are aggressive all the way through, no clear vocals are to be heard over the record. Despite the vocals, the music has a lot of groove and catch which makes it very pleasing to listen to, it draws you into a world of power and interest as well as hold you there once you are caught.

Opening song called The Beginning opens the record and the tracks following are nice and good, best track is probably number four called Gotham which has a powerful groove and powerful chorus, a strong song with lots of soul. The other songs are good but does not make the same impact as Gotham. Bottles and Pills, track number three is also very good and the other song that I remember by name from listening to it.

The record is all through a very good record and not bad because they wrongfully label it, those things are actually mostly for good as you might get pleasantly surprised by what you actually get to hear. The production is very good and powerful, the production enhances what we hear in form of power and groove.

A groovy and powerful record that enhances my view of hardcore/metal crossovers.


Written on 11-11-2008

Label - Eyespy records/Drakkar
Three similar bands - Pro Pain/S-Core/My Minds Weapon
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm