Dear Superstar - Heartless

1. Brink Of Destruction
2. Brothers In Blood
3. Live, Love, Lie
4. Signposts To Bedposts
5. Anytime Anyplace
6. Raised Voices And Confrontations
7. Rock Bottom
8. Hollywood Whore
9. Diseased And Distraught
10. Can't Write A Love Song

Micky Satiar - Vocals
No info- Guitar
No info - Guitar
No info - Bass
No info - Drums

Confessions Of A Twisted Mind (2006)

Jason 'Jay' James (V)

Produced by Ramesh Dodangoda


Deja Vu is what I think I am experiencing, maybe some might call it a more severe act of nostalgia. Whatever it is, it is another record by a band that has done one record before and repetitive use of it is, is it not? Well, it is as I said a feel of deja vu as I start playing this record and it is a feel that just hangs on all the way through.

This band is firmly left in a time long gone and they are said to be a sex, drugs and rock’n’roll constellation that is impossible not to like. Well, I don’t know about that as taste will always differ and record company is always overly praising their offering which of course is logical as they want to sell them. This band however are supposed to be liked by all the critics and they are said to be good and popular, I don’t know as I had never heard of them.

No matter about that now, the band plays glam- or sleaze rock/metal that is firmly stuck in the eighties a time when my parents were the age I am now, which is not too old, so long ago it is. It is with simple melodies and catchy choruses the band are to take over the world and that is what they deliver on this album. Nothing complicated in the music on this record, the lyrics are nonsense and all about being in the vein of the metal stereotype.

Well impossible to dislike it is not, I actually do dislike this. This record conforms to a part of the rock music that I really dislike, the Mötley Crüe thing. The music is mainly quite dull and it has really nothing to impress me in any way. It is more of satisfying a stereotype and people who still wish it was something like 1985, the only thing that differs from the 80’s is the production that sounds better.

The songs are dull and made out of the same mould and that is really a problem as most songs sound like a repetition of the same, even the lyrics could be from the same song. It is not that way entirely, it actually has one redeeming quality in the final song Can’t Write a Love Song which is rather good.

The record has a good length as well but really, that doesn’t help this as it is just plain old boring and useless.

So in the end this is something I have already heard, something that has been done many times before and better many times before so for me it is really just a useless and utterly pointless record to release.


Written on 10-17-08

Label - DR2/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Bullet For My Valentine/Motley Crue/Poison
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm