Darkane - Demonic Art

1. Variations of an Eyerush
2. Leaving Existence
3. Demonic Art
4. Absolution
5. Execution
6. Impetious Constant Chaos
7. Demigod
8. Soul Survivor
9. The Killing of I
10. Wrong Grave
11. Still in Progress
12. Wrath Connection (Bonus track)

Jens Broman - Vocals
Christofer Malmström - Guitar
Klas Ideberg - guitar
Jörgen Löfberg - bass
Peter Wildoer - drums

Rusted Angel (1998)
Insanity (2001)
Expanding Senses (2002)
Layers of Lies (2005)

massacre records

This is art of the demonic kind, deep and dark and powerful and a lot of ands. Melodic is another label one can place into this record. The promo sheets states thrash metal is what it is all about. This record is possibly the best of two worlds, the melodic and progressive world and the aggressive and extreme side of things and all the way through the word and is the most used for some reason.

Right from the start I noticed that the production and mixing of this record was something different from what I have come to hear from bands with the same label, I mean the same genre label and not the record company. It is much clearer and more thought through and not just rough and hard but both melodies and aggression shines through without stealing attention from one another. It is a balancing act that has been performed and it is performed with flying collars.

The guys are from the same nation as I am, Sweden that is, you know that nation of pathetic people. They are not too pathetic and that is a good thing when I begin to move to the next part of this review. This in depth review of a Swedish thrash metal band, who would have thought that?

Well, the lasting memory of this record now in retrospect is track number seven Demigod which is a truly amazing song at least in my opinion. It is a hit track that just draws me into it and at that moment it is only that powerful song that rules in the world much like other great tracks by great bands you know these tracks that make you loose the grip and sense of time and space. But I am getting ahead of myself as records usually and also this one starts on track one. That first track is called Variations of an Eyerush and it has a very good and interesting opening but after that the tracks falls into forgetfulness and nothingness much like all other tracks before said Demigod which is just that good. After Demigod there is another dull or mediocre song before the next and second as well as last good track which is called The Killing of I and also is a powerful song, the rest is actually just dull. When first confronted with the thought about rating this record I thought of higher scores but after more times and sitting down here writing and thinking about it I realise that there are just two good tracks, the rest are mediocre at best, the record besides these two named tracks are just “not bad” which of course mean that they are just that: they are not bad.

In the end this is about two tracks and the rest can quite honestly go away, this record would be better as an EP with three our maybe four of the songs from the records, eleven are to many. But still the record lasts 46 minutes and it might be worth it, if you are into this kind of music I am sure you will have a real treat and give it not only 46 but maybe 228 or more times before adding it to the archives, I gave it 460 minutes and might give it some more when the pile of records to review is thinner.

This record is very good and it is worth the minutes you spend on it, two tracks are especially great and worthy of ecstasy.


Written on 10-14-08

Label - Massacre/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Death Angel/Watchtower/Agretator
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm