Corroded - III

1. Onedimensional Two-Faced Liar
2. Hatefueled Motherf**ker
3. Time

Jens Westin (V,G)
Martin Källström (D)
Peter Sjödin (G)
Fredrik Westin (G)
Niklas Källström (B)

Heart of the Machine (demo 2005)
Ward 22 (demo 2007)

Inspelad i Ward 22
Mastrad av Per Ryberg


From my areas of the Swedish nation comes Corroded from whom I received this demo record in the mailbox a short while ago. Now I have listened to the three tracks quite some times, it is a little bugging with the iPod when doing stuff and listening to such short albums but it went well and I found that I quite liked what I heard, at least when I started listening to it.

First off I was really impressed by how nice the production sounded, I’ve heard demos with awful sound and production and I slightly feared that this would be in that era, but it was not it sounds really well even better then many contracted recording bands. The overall landscape of sounds is really impressive for a band without a record deal, now I don’t know what experience the band has from other bands but no matter what it still sounds good and professional all the way through the three tracks. Solid and heavy metal/rock with at least two of the tracks with some aggressive sounding titles. The songs though are not really violent.

It is strong and powerful songs with a solid rock base, still with some area for nice melodies which is appreciated. I suppose you could dislike the vocals that is not always a hundred percent, but that is mostly a non-issue, at least it is for me. I like the heavy, quite groovy sound the band produces and for that the vocals, though a bit dull, fit perfectly.

When I go through the three tracks over and over, I found that there is a few things I miss a little bit, one being a real kickass-song and the other being a few more songs, I guess the two could correspond to make it close to perfect, at least for the genre.

I like the heavy riffing and the overall heavy sound and I can swallow the vocals but that is only just, I have the same issue as with the mentioned three bands, except though maybe for Smeer, I just don’t like that tone of voice; I cannot pinpoint why I feel that way but there is something about singing that way which I cannot really like to the fullest. Still it is a small prize to pay I guess. Corroded with Ryan Leclair from Smeer by the microphone, now we’re talking.

Strangely enough I like this, it isn’t quite my genre bur this is good, really good for its type of music and oppose to what I said about Takida not succeeding I think this band feels more prone to succeed than Takida did when I first heard them. It is my guess that we will here from this band on a larger scale in a not to distant future.

My ears are being corroded away and all that remains is a one dimensional two-faced liar, well not much success in making a wordplay out of song titles here. Get this record or be corroded to the dirt.


Label - Demo/self financed
Three similar bands - Nickleback/Smeer/Takida
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm