Coronatus - Porta Obscura

1. Prologue
2. Exitus
3. Fallen
4. In Silence
5. Beauty in Black
6. Cast My Spell
7. In Your Hands
8. Mein Herz
9. Am Kreuz
10. Der Vierte Reiter
11. Strahlendster Erster
12. Flos Obscura (bonus)
13. Volles Leben (bonus)

Carmen R. Schäfer Vocals
Ada Flechtner Vocals
Jo Lang Guitars
Fabian Merkt Keyboards & Programming
Chriz diAnno Bass
Mats Kurth Drums

Lux Noctis (2007)

Recorded in Klangschmiede Studio E, Mellrichstadt, with Markus Stock. Mastered at Finnvox, Helsinki, by Mika Jussila.

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Hailing from Germany with dual female singers are these people. With a name that brings up at least my interest and plating within a genre that I have always found extra interesting as I for some reason like female vocals and that is what this band brings to the table, interesting specs judging from the sheet, but reality is usually a different thing.

Musically this band brings out female fronted metal, fronted by two females, Carmen R. Schäfer and Ada Fletcher with the former as soprano whom I also remember from a band I reviewed in the first instalment of Hallowed Magazine called Mighty D where I recall that here soprano work was not very good, but maybe that had something to do with the band not being that good, I think she was only a guest but I am not sure as I don’t have the booklet lying around at the moment.

Anyways this band is a bit different, it feels when listening to them, like they have found there own niche within this sub genre of the metal music. The sound they have is just different, a bit darker, a bit more deep and less positive and power metallic as most other bands of female fronted metal is. The term gothic metal lends itself very fittingly to this record and this band.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this is the band’s second album after the debut called Lux Noctis which was acclaimed by press and sold well, but still it is about the second and new album we are to look now. The album is produced by Markus Stock who has a band like The Vision Bleak on his conscience and that is a band I very much like so with the facts from the promo sheet in mind this is a really interesting band and as I said in previous paragraph it is a bit different which also makes for an interesting premise for a good record.

And the record is good, there is no doubt about it, the songs are really strong all record through. It all begins with an intro track that states the name of the record and after that comes the track Exitus which clearly proves what I was expecting even before I had heard the record: that it is an interesting record. Coming into the next track Fallen which is sung in German it stands clear that this record is definitely something different, something we usually do not hear. And after Fallen it stands clear that this band is at their best when they perform in their native tongue where the tracks Fallen, Strahlendester Erster and Volles Leben are the best one with the second of the three is the best track on the record with amazing teamwork between the two singers.

When I now evaluate this record I find that it is one of the better records in a very long time, actually I find that it is the best since Ayreon released their latest album, or his latest album maybe I should say. It is a faith restorer in music and metal music as it is just that good record that makes you feel and know why you love the music so much. If you are to buy yourselves a Christmas gift this is without a doubt what you should buy as you already have bought the latest Ayreon offering there is no need to buy it again, is it? Coronatus is the logical choice for Christmas.

Even though there has been a group of great albums from different bands this year but only one of them has been better than this one, it is that good.

Coronatus record Porta Obscura is the best album I have heard since January this year so it is something interesting and a band that clearly deserves attention as I suspect that this band will go very far and be spoken of for long. Porta Obscura is just a great album that probably will end up on my top three list for 2008.


Written on 11/18/08

Label - Massacre
Three similar bands - After Forever/Operatika/Epica
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm