Various Artists - Beautiful Voices Volume 3

1. Nightwish - Amaranth
2. After Forever - Discord
3. Xandria - Save My Life
4. Edenbridge - Shine(single Edit)
5. Beautiful Sin - Lost
6. Doro - Thunderspell
7. Bif Naked - Abandonment
8. Delain - See Me In A Shadow(single Edit)
9. Mostly Autumn - Angel Of Desire
10. The Vincent Black Shadow- Ghost Train Out
11. In This Moment- This Moment
12. Sinergy - The Sin Trade
13. Sirenia - My Mind's Eye
14. Tristania- Destination Departure
15. Therion - Trul
16. Elis - Phoenix From The Ashes
17. Visions Of Atlantis- The Secret
18. Epica - Chasing The Dragon(radio Edit)
19. Lacuna Coil - Closer
20. Nighwish - Bye Bye Beautiful Dvd
21. Lacuna Coil - Within Me Dvd
22. Xandria - Save My Lifedvd
23. After Forever - Energize Me Dvd
24. Tristania - Equilibrium Dvd
25. Sirenia - The Other Side Dvd
26. In This Moment - Prayers Dvd
27. Mostly Autumn - Satellites Dvd
28. Delain - Frozen Dvd
29. Delight - Divided Dvd
30. Bif Naked - Let Down Dvd
31. The Vincent Black Shadow- Broken Dvd
32. The Agonist - Business Suits- And Dvd
33. Leaves Eyes - Legend Land Dvd
34. Qntal - Von Den Elben Dvd
35. Stream Of Passion- Passion Dvd
36. Firewind- Breaking The Silence Dvd
37. Doro - Live Clip Dvd
38. Epica - Never Enough Dvd


A compilation of artists, the common denominator is that they are female fronted. So far so good, and it is a good overview of female fronted rock/metal and I am sure that most people may make one or two finds in the long tracklist.

Alright, I am somewhat against compilations especially when it comes in an inflated value, like this one, it is volume three; really volume three? What I wonder is if it was beautiful voices throughout in the first two volumes, it is not in this one. I think it is a bit misleading saying that it is beautiful voices since I in that case tend to think of songs like Sleeping Sun by Nightwish, Cry With a Smile or Digital Deciet by After Forever, Centennial Legend or another ballad by Edenbridge, perhaps Salome or Return to India by Xandria. Maybe these have been on an earlier record, but since songs from After Forever, Shine and Salome appear here I guess not or they have ran out of newer records. I mean smokin’ rockers like Thunderspell by Doro, or Save My Life by Xandria, they may have good vocals but come on, beautiful voices. Beautiful voices for me is a collection of rock/metal ballads with female vocals, not a collection of songs by female fronted bands. Abandonment by Bif Naked, she does not have a beautiful voice in any respect, the song is good though but that’s beside the point. The title is misleading and that is just a simple fact and that is really it as they say.

Most songs on this record are actually good, but the title is plain and simple wrong, in error, stupid say what you want. Powerful females or something may be a better title, I found really just one song that could qualify for this title, Chasing the Dragon by Epica, now I haven’t got the DVD but it doesn’t matter since there are more than enough songs on the CD to know and say what I say here.

Anyway you twist it, I think records like this could be kept to one CD and be a giveaway by the company, perhaps they could have a stand in the stores or you could order/download it directly from the company like I know some companies have done, maybe they still do I am not very researched about the business today and I have no clue what is coming if it doesn’t end up in my mailbox or in a podcast or I get a mail from someone asking for a review. I see this as only one stupid way to trick people out of their money for a collection of singles that can be heard on the radio and truly should be given away. Please, everyone stop making these pointless compilation albums and sell them as a full prize album, that is plain wrong an immoral in my point of view and this will never change no matter how good the songs on the compilation.

The truth of the matter is that this record really swarms of good songs like Amaranth, Shine, Dischord, Thunderspell, Save My Life, Abandonment, Ghost Train Out, Chasing the Dragon and so on in about all the tracks.

Still with good tracks and so on, this is still promotion for other bands and it really ought to be a freebie and nothing you pay for. This release along with some other from you is just immoral and wrong Nuclear Blast and now I have promoted (hopefully de-promoted) this album so I guess I am not really any better.

This should come with a sticker stating “Worst Buy”.

Label - Nuclear Blast
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm