Bullet - Bite the Bullet

1. Pay The Price
2. Roadking
3. Bite The Bullet
4. Dusk Til Dawn
5. Nailed To The Ground
6. City Of Sins
7. Waste My Time
8. Rock N Roll Remedy
9. Rock Us Tonight
10. Wheels Keep On Turning
11. The Rebels Return

Hell Hofer - Vocals
Hampus Klang - Lead Guitars
Erik Almström - Lead Guitars
Gustav Hjortsjö - Drums
Adam Hector - Bass

Heading For The Top (2006)

black lodge
dusk til dawn (video)

Well, as first impressions go these are mine when getting this record: “darn, that band is ugly!” with several exclamation marks behind initially but that would be mean. Well, you may say that I should not be the one to say those things but I am not the one trying and failing to look cool on a record cover, I may be ugly but I am also one of the reason for you reading this review and all the others, also the entire website so I think I can complain about looks of some youngsters on a record cover. I may be ugly but I compensate for that with my great politeness, these guys lack every bit of courtesy judging by the record cover.

The initial impression may be very hard to erase and another thing digging the band deeper into this hole is the cover image which really looks awful, terribly ugly even.

Musically this band is left in the past, long gone in the past, the 70s and 80s, the era of poodle rock and some other stuff. However, this band is more of a heavy rock band with strangely familiar riffing and rhythm guitarring, the whining voice is another striking thing that make you draw parallels to an Australian band as well as a German band from the same era. As I said, you have heard it before, unless you have been hidden in a closet for all these years, which would mean that you are a skeleton.

Passing judgement is never easy but I did not like this record when picking it out of the envelope and not when I heard it the first time and not after ten times and not today or tomorrow. The record is boring, I have heard it all before and even though the originals are better I didn’t really like most of them either. And if you do not believe I have given it enough time just because you like it, I consulted my iTunes and the counter says 15 times for every song which is more than enough for a fair review.

Granted, not everything is all horrible, the production works well and the sound is much better than the original’s from decades ago. And the song Nailed to the Ground is a very good song which is well worth hearing but the band is not really good no matter in what situation of life you are.
For this band they just have to “bite the bullet” and realise that it does not really work to do the same over and over again especially not when the thing isn’t even the same bands at it was in the beginning. If we were to speak about copies, this band is really the thing, the real deal in that respect.

Bullet is just boring and makes me wish for one in the head instead of going through this record again.


Written on 09-30-08

Label - Black Lodge/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - AC/DC / Accept / Judas Priest
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm