Xandria - "Salomé - The Seventh Veil"

01. Save My Life
02. Vampire
03. Beware
04. Emotional Man
05. Salomé
06. Only for the Stars (in Your Eyes)
07. Firestorm
08. A New Age
09. The Wind and the Ocean
10. Sisters of the Light
11. Sleeping Dos Lie
12. On My Way

Lisa (Vocals)
marco (Guitar)
Philip (Guitar)
Nils (Bass)
Gerit (Drums)

India (2005)
Ravenheart (2004)
Kill The Sun (2003)

Mika Taurinen (Vocals)


The last couple of years, Xandria have released some really good albums, ‘India’ from 2005 is probably one of the best album ever released in the genre and this – their fourth album – is also really good!

What can be heard on ‘Salomé’ is a middle east inspired soft metal with female vocals and a pretty big hit-feeling. A couple of songs feels quite experimental with lots of passages and tempo changes, not all that heavy in comparasion to some of the others, which is more rock- or hard rock songs with lots of power, speed, energy and not all that complicated. A comparasion between this and earlier Xandria albums would sound something like this: A litle speed reduction, a litle more piano, less hard rock and more hit-factor.

It probably gets most exiting when Entwine vocalist Mika Taurinen, joins Lisa on the sixt track and sings a cheerful duet, as well as the combination between the calm and relaxing The Wind and the Ocean with the more rocking and definitly super hit potentially Sisters of the Light. Together they become a delightful element on the album with their contrast to eachother, yet somehow they feel as if they were meant to be played together. Theese and the starting Save My Life is the brightest shining stars, while the second song, Vampire, is less interesting – quite boring actually, almost bad. Also the, in many ways, mediocre Firestorm feels less apealing with their many peculiar passages.

On the minus side there is a sort of prevailing shallowness, while the music is good and the album well worthy your ears, it’s quite without content and I’m not certain it will last in the long run. Pherhaps a little monotone, if I’m to be baldly frank. I have a hard time believing that anyone is to be apealed by Xandria, because even if the music is good at what it is doing there is still that little something that’s missing: the cream in you sugar, the panncakes in your breakfast or the Daim in your Twist candybag. Call it whatever you want – either way it’s not entirerly perfect.

What’s really good with the album is the middle eastern tones that make themselves reminded from time to time, esecially on the first half. Instrumentally it’s great – no strange or nutty detour actions, which is good. They play what they’re suppose to play and no clumsy, half engaged solos or other oddities ruins the songs. Melodies are mostly good and overall it’s only nice listeing to ‘Salomé’.

A really good album, like a mixture of Within Temptation and Nightwish – half soft hard rock with lots of feeling and emotion, Well worthy checking up, but maybe not for all to buy.

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Label - Drakkar
Three similar bands - Nightwish/Within Temptation/After Forever
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm