The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers

1. Kill The Lights
2. Goodnight
3. Falling Down
4. Unfamiliar
5. Red Stars
6. Looking Glass
7. Science
8. Remember Me
9. To Die For
10. Walking With Strangers
11. Weekend
12. Movie

Chibi (V)
Rainbow (G)
Michael Falcore (G)
O.E. (B)
Owen (K)
Rhim (T)

Violet (2004/2005)
Nothing and Nowhere (2002)


Electronic melodic goth rock, that is the best way I know to describe what I am hearing, well actually it is electronic melodic goth rock with female vocals therefore the comparisons I have done, take the with a pinch of salt since I find it hard to compare this band. I must say that TBM has a very interesting sound with a quite big use of atmospherical keys that in large part actually is reminiscent of synth-pop, therefore one of the bands there in the comparison. The album opens really interesting with keyboard sounds that at first leave you asking since they don’t quite tell you what to expect until the heavier power chords on the guitar begin.

The atmosphere feels slightly dark, somewhat like the cover artwork. I find the atmosphere enchanting and the music very competent, it is truly fascinating to listen and it is a review album that have taken me vary long time in order to find a grade I feel is the suitable one, and I am still not quite sure. Imagine a very dark place, maybe like the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks or something like that, then add some Badalamentian keys and atmosphere to that. Spice that combination with distorted guitars and female vocals, then you have found what I am listening to.

I don’t know very much at all about this band, but I know as much as that I need to buy this album, it is probably the most given buy among the ones I have reviews, not counting the ones I have already bought that is. Shibi’s vcioe carries the atmosphere from the rest of the band very well with her voice that has just enough mystery to keep the music interesting. I was sold from the first time I heard this and I would probably own this album within a short amount of time since it is that good as I have already stated.

All songs on the album has a great hit-potential with their easy-accessed melodies and choruses, but at the same time they have this depth that makes them stand trial for the passing of time as well. The Toronto-based band has really succeeded in writing interesting songs that probably suits almost everyone, which is if they ever hear it. I don’t know how well the record company sells this band; I got to know about them from a newsmail.

I can think about what to say all the time, but to know when to quit is a good quality I would think and therefore I will finish this review now. The best songs on the album would be the opener Kill the Ligts and the title track, Walking With Strangers, they are amazing songs even though they are picked in competition with every other track on the album.

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Label - Metropolis
Three similar bands - Silvery/Nightwish/Alphaville
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm