Ride the Sky - New Protection

1. New Protection
2. A Sime From Heaven’s Eye
3. Silent War
4. The Prince of Darkness
5. Break the Chain
6. Corroded Dreams
7. The End of Days
8. Far Beyond the Stars
9. Black Cloud
10. Endless
11. Heaven Only Knows
12. A Crack in the Wall

Björn Jansson (V)
Uli Kusch (D)
Benny Jansson (G, BV)
Kaspar Dahlqvist (K)
Mathias Garnås (B)


Recording info:
Produced by Benny Jansson, Uli Kusch & Bjorn Jansson
Recorded and mixed by Benny Jansson at Zinkens-StudioStockholm
Mastered by Christofer Stannow COSMOS mastering
Artwork: Thomas Ewerhard

nuclear blast

Swedish – German band that gives us their debut that is said to be something out of the ordinary. Other bands in which one of the members was involved was considered in the same way with members experienced from numerous albums and tours, still that wasn’t interesting at all. Fortunately that isn’t quite the case with this album, it starts out really well, well enough for you to become really interested not to say engulfed by it. That sensation however dissipates quite fast and you loose interest and juast wish for it to end, or for all the songs to possess the same strength as the starting title track or A Smile From Heaven’s Eye that follows, then it is downhill. Not that it ever becomes poor or bad, it is just not interesting any more, your mind just starts to wonder and you just really can’t tell how any of the songs on the second half of the album sound, it isn’t the feeling I’m looking for in an album.

Still it has some ups in its political lyrics and good vocals, the feeling of heavy metal with some more interesting hooks and atmospherical keys combined with powerful vocals doesn’t really give room for failure; still, a failure is somewhat of my feeling about this album. You can’t just write good political lyrics to raise awereness or what the promosheet suggests, you need to do good music in order to touch people only then the lyrics may actually reach the minds of people. This album just can’t stay interesting long enough for anyone to take in what the lyrics are saying.

I was hoping for more since there are members with over seventy albums in their bags, that is a hell of a lot of routine and still they can only make two, maybe three songs that sticks, but these songs instead stick to your mind like glue, I mean try not to fall for the title track or the following track; it is impossible.

In the end though, a poor album on average.

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Label - Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands - Masterplan/Tears of Anger/Jorn
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm