Manic Street Preachers - Send Away the Tigers

1. Send Away the Tigers
2. Underdogs
3. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
4. Indian Summer
5. The Second Great Depression
6. Rendition
7. Autumnsong
8. I'm Just a Patsy
9. Imperial Bodybags
10. Winterlovers

James Dean Bradfield (G,V)
Sean Moore (D,P)
Nicky Wire (B,BV)

Generation Terrorists (1992)
Gold Against The Soul (1993)
The Holy Bible (1994)
Everything Must Go (1996)
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (1998)
Know Your Enemy (2001)
Lifeblood (2004)
Send Away The Tigers (2007)

Produced by:
Dave Eringa
Greg Haver
Loz Williams

Nina Persson - second lead vocals on "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" and backing vocals on "Autumnsong"
Sean Read – keyboards on "The Second Great Depression" and "Indian Summer"
Sally Herbert – violin and string arrangement on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"
Andrew Waters – first violin and string arrangements on "The Second Great Depression"
Sonia Slany - violin on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"
Lucy Morgan - viola on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"
Howard Scott - violin on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"
Morgan Goff - viola on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"
Ian Burdge - cello on "Autumnsong" and "Indian Summer"


Manics as their fans call them are back with their eight studio-album. I cannot be accused of having heard all of them, but the latter, the melodic pieces I have heard and they are quite impressive and therefore SATT have something to live up to. Is it up to the task? Well read and learn.

This is slightly heavier then the successful This is My Truth Tell Me Yours that reached the highest spot on the British charts. It is heavier but still equally melodic and the same can be said for the lyrics that are as impressive as before. Political and poetical lyrics compose impressive guitar lines that reveal some new aspect for every time you hear them; musically there is definitely nothing to complain about, more then maybe the short length of the album. It is only 38 minutes long, but that is the exact way to do things: leave the listener wishing for more instead of less.

I can hear this album over and over again and still I hear new aspects and become as impressed with James Dean Bradfield’s passionate voice that becomes the icing on the cake on this very melodic bakery item. Noticable is also that Nina Persson from Cardigans makes a guest appearance singing a duet with Bradfield on the first single “Your Love Alone Is Not Enough”, that song has frequented the music video channels and would give quite some idea what it is about.

This is an impressive piece of work, I mean who doesn’t like to hear songs that question the establishment and preaches solidarity. The preachers have it all figured out, too bad the establishment doesn’t listen; nonetheless the album is more then good enough to lend your ear. Don’t be fooled by the pretty poor cover, beneath it hides an impressive piece of work or 38 minutes of musical ecstasy, it is probably too good for the political establishment, maybe for you as well. Support the fight for better music and meaningful lyrics and buy this album. Don’t steal it, it doesn’t benefit anyone interested in music.

I usually don’t like being preached to, but these songs do it well and one doesn’t really know that they are preaching things so you who dislike meaningful music may also listen without being bothered by any message of good things.

They are manic and they are preaching on the street, but the thing they do best is music. This is really a piece of work and hadn’t the cover been so ugly, it would have replaced the Mona-Lisa on the wall of the Louvre.

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Label - Columbia
Three similar bands - Keane/3 Doors Down/U2
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm