Monoscream - Demo

1. Society
2. Your Deceipt
3. Parasite
4. Empty Inside

Andreas Deverstam (V)
Kim Wiklund (G)
Tom Carlbom (G)
Sandro Fronda (B)
Fredrik Romlin (D)



I love to get music from demo bands that doesn't suck, since they have a whole other level of energy than established acts and have this belief in themself and what they shall accomplish. Having a bit of dry from demo bands lately, I was thrilled when Monoscream contacted me and asked me to listen to their demo - especially since the songs on their myspace promised a well played melodic death metal of the speedier kind. Almost like a cross over between speed thrash like Megadeth and something more brutal, like Mastodon or Lamb of God.

The first song on the demo is the speedy and thrashy Society, in which the Medgadeth influences are most hearable. The second song have more lead guitars and is somewhat heavier and doesn't have as much speed in it. Overall it's a very good song, but the many leads reveal some weaknesses at certain points. The third song is called Parasite, which probably is the only word I can distinguish on the entire demo (but don't get me wrong, the vocals are fine but not always the easiest to follow word by word). The song is a pretty fast and monotone one and it probably would have been quite horrible if not for the drum roll every fifth second in the verses. My opinion is that the song is the weakest of the album because it doesn't really show anything special, but I do like the outro. However I do like Empty Inside more, which feels like a mixture of death-ballad and a true knocker. This is a song in which they also use clear vocals and that is a big plus.

The band was formed as lately as the spring of 2007 but that never really come back to haunt them. It sounds mature and is varied well, not a plain rip-off from other bands. Something I do would like to see an improvement of is the drums, but since the guy that did them has quit the band I gues that thing might work itself out.

A really good demo-album. It's interesting, nice to listen to and the sound is far from horrible. I look forward to hear some more and for all you that is out to buy demo-albums, I think this might be something to spend the money on because this band have good potential. However, I do imagine that you should at least like Children of Bodom or something heavier to fully go nuts about it.

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Label - Demo/Self financed
Three similar bands - Megadeth/Lamb of God/Mastodon
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm