Impaled Nazarene - Manifest

1. Intro: Greater Wrath
2. The Antichrist Files
3. Mushroom Truth
4. You Don´t Rock Hard
5. Pathogen
6. Pandemia
7. The Calling
8. Funeral For Despicable Pigs
9. Planet Nazarene
10. Blueprint For Your Culture's Apocalypse
11. Goat Justice
12. Die Insane
13. Original Pig Rig
14. Suicide Song
15. When Violence Commands The Day
16. Dead Return

Mika “Sluti666” Luttinen (V)
Tomi UG Ullgren (G)
Jarno Anttila (G)
Mikael “Arc v 666“ Arnkil (B)
Reima “Repe Misanthrope” Kellokoski (D)

Goat Perversion (EP 1991)
Sadogoat (EP 1992)
Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1993)
Satanic Masowhore (7" 1993)
Ugra Karma (1993)
Suomi Finland Perkele (1994)
Latex Cult (1996)
Motörpenis (EP 1996)
Rapture (1998)
Split 7" w/Driller Killer (2000)
Nihil (2000)
Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace (2001)
All That You Fear (2003)
Pro Patria Finlandia (2006)

Tapio Pennanen (Rec & mix)
Mika Jussila (Master)
Ritual (art & layout)


Impaled Nazarine have always played a little too hard for my personal taste. It’s a band that’s acceptable for periodical listening, which often gives a lot of pleasure, but doesn’t work in all situations. The fact that Alexi Laiho played with the band for a couple of years is what makes me most interested with the band. In my eyes it’s the albums from the beginning of the 21th century is that represents this bands peak, so far, especially ‘Nihil’ and ‘All That you Fear’, so the question is if the new ‘Manifest’ is a manifest for a new peak or continues the fall from the top?

Well, compared to the competition on the death scene, I’d say this is a very good band, considering how they pose in blood and aiming guns towards the camera at the pictures of ‘All that you Fear’ (2003). As with most band doing this “thing”, Impaled Nazarene are open satanic and shout out loud how evil they are by using words like satan, goat, funeral, pigs, blood, dying, suicide and you name it whichever got something to do with classic statanic-pictures. It’s band like a whole bunch of others that have the same attitude, same appearance, and this entire parrot culture is so ridicules I could throw up. Why are you making albums and both appear and sound just like a thousand other bands? Only to scream about all the “cool” things you are able to come up with and play as hard music you are capable of? I just don’t see the point.

But as I said, Impaled Nazarene is one of the better band, really good considering the competition. Though they are probably a little to heavy for me, since I’d like to be able to separate the music from that porridge-like feeling that the music gives and not just feel how my head is getting heavier and heavier from the music. Impaled Nazarene does all this. They have extremely heavy guitars, songs with continuously blast beats through out the entire running time and a bassist that seems to be stuck on the two lowest strings – hammering on without knowing what the hell he’s doing. The melodies can sometime, somewhere be traced in the background but very seldom are them actually to be heard, making the music appear as music and not only a big, noisy crap-o-rama.

Though, I do have to admit that the 50 minutes of running time is over quite fast. But let’s be honest, 16 tracks and 50 minutes with this heavy music is almost never a funny story. Pick out the best songs and make the album 30 minutes instead – then I would even want to hear this voluntarily. The one thing that annoys me most is not the heaviness itself, but how everything is melting together to a big pile of sounds. Even the vocals are in that pile and seriously – what is that? Sure, the vocals are an instrument but it’s supposed to be a lead instrument, the one that takes the music higher and not something that is barely separately from the rest.

No, Impaled Nazarene is said to do uncompromised music. I’m sure they do, but sometimes – in most cases actually – it doesn’t hurt to listen to some advices. My advice is to give the coming albums more contrasts, give the songs more character and individual riffs plus some melodies that stays in ones head and not just rampaging and screaming and do music that goes together like a lumpy, tasteless porridge without spices, life or an own Impaled Nazarene trade marked touch.

Me, I don’t like this. I think there probably are some people that do, but they are easy to count and they will probably continue to live with the idea that Impaled Nazarene is the coolest thing there is even after ‘Manifest’. Personally, I feel this is way too stereotypic to even bother. It’s dull, messy and there are no musical additions to be heard. ‘Manifest’ is simply said quite useless.

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Label - Osmose
Three similar bands - Norther/Sinergy/Unleashed
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm