Endstille - Endstilles Reich

1. Mong Our Glorious Existence
2. Endstille Reich
3. Der Ketzer
4. Vorwärts (Sturmangriff II)
5. I am God
6. No Heaven over Germany
7. The One I Hate
8. Scars
9. Erase
10. Endstille (Realität)

L. Wachtfels (G)
Iblis (V)
Mayhemic Destructor (D)
Cruor (B)

Lauschangriff (splitt CD 2006)
Navigator (2005
Dominanz (2004)
Frühlingserwachen (2003)
Operation Wintersturm (2002)
DEMOn (2001)


Last time Hallowed reviewed an Endstille album, it got zero points out of ten possible with the motivation ”Bwraaaargh, Graaaah, Gaaaaah, Bwaaaa!” by Daniel Källmalm. I don’t dislike this that much, but saying anything else than that it’s bad would be a lie.

This is blastbeat metal á la Nifelheim, Dark Funeral or any of thos “poor blood on them selves to look cool” bands that exists. The music is monotone, one tuned and dull. Most songs sounds like their brother and sister around them (maybe all the songs are twins?) and the “vocals” are unbearable and annoying.

It’s so monotonus that it’s ridecelous. Also, the album is long – almost 50 minutes – making it to an eternal suffering. It’s not only that the songs are monotonous, parts and passages in the songs are so as well. The mass just becomes a mass and nothing else, and a very boring mass.

However, there is one thing Endstille might work for – to fill the silence. If you want to read or write something and need to be concentrated, gets distrubed by the complete silence and interupted by real music, you can always put on this album on a low voulume. You don’t need to fear for the “music” to take your attention, everything flows into eachother on this album and you can’t sepperate one thing from another. The one stringed guitar and base are constant – but tactful – and the drumming is just like hammering without any changes in intensitivity. And also, the one tone singer makes the sound complete, it’s just like a chainsaw – no contrasts or variations, only a monotonous soundmaking.

This is nothing to spend your money on, only a whole bunch of ”Bwraaaargh, Graaaah, Gaaaaah, Bwaaaa!” and a straight through boring album. Maybe for the most blackis black metalers, but with this mess, Endstille gets no golden stars.

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Label - Regain Records
Three similar bands - God Dethroned/Satyricon/Celtic Frost
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm