Dark Tranquility - Fiction

. Nothing to no One
2. The Lesser Faith
3. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
4. Blind At Heart
5. Icipher
6. Inside The Particle Storm
7. Empty Me
8. Misery´s Crown
9. Focus Shift
10. The Mundane And The Magic

Mikael Stanne (V)
Niklas Sundin (G)
Martin Henriksson (G)
Anders Jivarp (D)
Michael Nicklasson (B)
Martin Brändström (Electr.)

Character (2005)
Exposures – In Retrospect and Denial (2004)
Damage Done (2002)
Haven (2000)
Projector (1999)
The Mind’s I (1997)
Enter Suicidal Angels (1996)
The Gallery (1995)
Skydancer (1993)

Recording info:
Niklas Sundin (design)
Tue Madsen (mix, tech. ass.)
Martin Brändström, Isak Edh, Magnus Lander & Lars Häglund (tech. ass.)
Marcus Bergman & Ola Johansson (photo)

Nell (V on 10)

century media

Some places in the world are connected with a particular music genre. Within the hard rock there’s New Wave Of Brittish Heavy Metal, Bay Area Thrash, Florida Death and then there’s the Swedish option: Gothenburgh death – a branch of the death metal, something that started to get noticed during the early and middle of 90s. Dark Tranquillity may proudly proclaim themselves as one of those that’s responsible for this.

But they don’t! Dark Tranquillity makes no effort to make their way on passed times, if I’m to decide I’d pick any album released after ‘Haven’ over any album released before any time, any place. It’s just so obvious that Dark Tranquillity have found a way to make songs that totally grinds down almost all of their competitiors, they are just not necessary when you have Dark Tranquillity.

I just totally love this album, I’m gonna foretell that already (like if you haven’t seen that on the grade already). It’s so well played, so tight and so damn inviting that one feels almost overwhelmed with everything. Why is it so good? It’s the electronic! Oh, you wonderful eleectronics! Dark Tranquillity don’t fear a title like false or fake or whatever they might hear when using so much keyboards, synths and electronics that they use – and that’s the reason for their success. They do what they want to do and they know how to make it well when doing it!

Then there’s Mikael Stanne, he’s like a phenomena few can rightfully be compared with. His voice is powerful and dark and he handles all the screams he’s suppose to, perhaps a little to dark sometimes, but that’s a matter of taste. Besides, he also use more clear vocals at times, wich can’t be described as anything but excellent. If I’m to come with any complaint it would be the mixing of the vocals, I’d like to hear more of the wonderful music even when Stanne’s screaming.

Wonderful music? Yes! It’s fantastic! Especially the parts where the electronics are shining through with their high pitched tones, to great to describe. The trio or guitar, base and drums makes an incredible job creating the atmosphere and rhythm, but the electronics make Dark Tranquillity unice and takes them to a higher level. The melodies, feeling, tempo and rhythm are what allows this, off course. The parts made by the trio are done with precission and makes those beautiful transisions between songs and parts possible.

How ‘bout the songs then? This is an album that stands strong both as a whole and by individual songs. I’m especially impressed by all of the songs, the whole album is great! Most of the album consists of faster, heavy songs and the already mentioned melodies makes it possible to like the album, even if you’re not that fond of screaming vocals. You can see between the fingers of Srannes voice and the heaviness of the band, who couldn’t with these melodies? Besides, Stanne also get some help in the closing song by the soft girle voice of Nell. A lovelely duet, no doubt.

I have only good words to give Dark Tranquillity. This is a fine piece of art, well planed and made into the finest piece of it. It’s as good as perfect all the way and what more can anyone wish for? All you want to do is listen to the album, over and over. Vote now, Stanne for President!

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Label - Century Media
Three similar bands - In Flames/At the Gates/Children of Bodom
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm