Demigod - Let Chaos Prevail

01. Not Dead Enough
02. Let Chaos Prevail
03. Dark Turns Black
04. Cult Of Sickness
05. God Said Suffer
06. To See The Last One Die
07. Self-caged
08. End Of Evolution
09. The Uncrowned
10. Baptized In Enmity

Jussi Kiiski/guitars
Tero Laitinen/guitars
Tuomas Ala-Nissilä/vocals
Tuomo Latvala/drums
Sami Vesanto/bass

Unholy Domain (split) (1992)
Slumber of Sullen Eyes (1992)
Shadow Mechanics (2002)

Produced by Henri Virsell and Demigod
Engineered and Mixed at Fantom Studio by Henri Virsell
Assistant Engineer Timo Haakana
Drums recorded at PopStudio by Mika Haapasalo
Mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila
Cover design and layout by Jani Rämö
Cover art by Russa Lynn Waldren


Melodic death from Finland. Oh, no another fucking In Flames-clone. I´m sick and tired of In Flames but don´t worry Demigod won´t appeal to Children of Bodom-pop. This is solid metal record that will last more than one week.

Far from being progressive metal but when you can play the record several times and discover new things it´s still a bit related to the progressive genre. The guitarist has actually got fantasy and a jazz-feeling. The more I hear of this record the better it gets, if only the vocals could be a bit more diversed I´d give Let Chaos Prevail a higher mark.

Note from the webmaster: this band split-up in november 2008, there were no information as to why. But for Robert's sake we hope they reunite and starts creating new music.


Label - OpenGame Productions
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Reviewer: Robert Ottosson