Crazy Licks - Loud Minority

1. Hell Or High Water
2. Dr Hollywood
3. Want It
4. Love On The Run
5. Make Ends Meet
6. Death Row
7. Heroes Are Forever
8. Do Or Die
9. Pure Desire
10. Boneyard
11. The Gamble)

D.C. Danny (V)
Vic Zino (G)
Joey Cirera (D)
Luke Rivano (B)


Recording info:
Chris Laney (rec, mix & prod)
Claes persson (master)

Lennart Östlund (add. Instrument & bv)


Swedish band Crazy Licks and their first album features a promotion sheet where superlatives are poured over the young band. It is a band with more facade, more attitude but no real substance, nothing to really make you go with it. You may also state that it is a band that is holding hard onto something that is dead long ago.

I guess you call it sleaze/glam/melodic hardrock or whatever, still it doesn’t count as even close to the best of that bunch, and that bunch… is not much to have in my humble opinion. It is simple melodies with until-death catchy choruses that tend to be repeated almost into infinity even though the songs aren’t very long and they are high paced; no doubt a try to hide poor musicianship. Some names of the old legacy is immediately brought up to the surface by the subconscious, the inspirations can too clearly be heard in the melodies. The three similar bands is a clear indication, Crazy Lixx bear a close resemblance to these three bands. The fact is that Crazy Lixx don’t seem capable of bringing anything own into the equation, they seem more like a copy of a copy.

There isn’t really much to smile about when it comes to this album and this band, in some way they have managed to create an okay background music but nothing more. But it is in no way even close to what I’m looking for, I want something that can be listened to actively; and that is not this album, it is not even close actually.

I cannot for my life see why anyone would actively choose to listen to this in their own time, it is one of these evaluations that will be flushed out of the iPod as this review is finished. Even Christina Aguilera succeeds better at keeping the place on the iPod and I cannot be mistaken for a fan of hers.

That is, it is really hard to in detail write anything about why the record can’t stand up to itself or be interesting. But as I stated earlier, it is a copy of a copy and everyone knows what that means with degradation and such. When it comes to the songs, they just can’t make it, they aren’t good enough, they are poorly written, poorly sung, poorly produced, trivial and so on. It is just impossible to hold up concentration about what you are hearing, last time it took me a very long while just to realise I wasn’t listening to anything that it was silent in the headphones; I had lost interest long ago in one of the first songs.

Now, it all sounds like it is all crap with this album, it isn’t quite that bad since there are some peaks. That is peaks not highlights; that means there are some songs that are acceptable on a larger scale. Some song is even okay, and if all songs had kept to that quality then we would have something quite more interesting.

Now I feel I have repeated myself more than enough and only wish to say that this is an album that doesn’t reward itself or deserve a place in any music lovers collection; if you love music, keep away from this!

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Label - Swedmetal
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Gun’s ’n’ Roses/Crashdïet
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm