Crazy Licks - Loud Minority

1. Hell Or High Water
2. Dr Hollywood
3. Want It
4. Love On The Run
5. Make Ends Meet
6. Death Row
7. Heroes Are Forever
8. Do Or Die
9. Pure Desire
10. Boneyard
11. The Gamble)

D.C. Danny (V)
Vic Zino (G)
Joey Cirera (D)
Luke Rivano (B)


Recording info:
Chris Laney (rec, mix & prod)
Claes persson (master)

Lennart Östlund (add. Instrument & bv)


Considered as the next big band in the reviewed genre of sleaze and glam metal – Crazy Lixx play their 80’s kind of metal with a fresh wave of the new millennium. Following other Swedish bands in the genre they go in the lead for the new wave of this music and even though the big bands of the genre, like Mötley Crüe and Skid Row have made new shit, it’s probably these Swedish youngsters, beside Crzy Lixx – bands like Crucified Barbara and Chrashdiïet) that will take this music forward into the future. In Sweden these bands have popped up like broken glass a Friday night in the city lately and Crazy Lixx have struggled a couple of years in the darkness before getting this album out, but here it is and it’s time to enjoy.

But is it enjoyable, you might ask me? Before answering that, I’d like to say one thing: Biathlon! Now, to the question – my answer is: sure, why not. But there is some restrictions: 1. If you like this kind of music, there is very little doubt you won’t like this. 2. If you don’t like this kind of music, there is very little chance you will like this. 3. If you like some or little of this music, you might very well like this so give it a chance.

The finest shooting from this album comes from the guns of Love on the Run, Want it and Heroes are Forever. And the misses are made by the Do or Die and Death Row tracks. Most tracks do, however, work on your iPod.

For those of us growing up after the sleaze and glam rock, this might be a good road to the country of it. A Mötley Crüe of 2007, perhaps? Well, even though the sound reminds a bit of the 80’s bands, it’s still a modern version of it and for all of us who aren’t necrophiles and want to dig up the graves of those that played some couples of tens of years ago just to hug their bony old behinds, this is a positive aiming on the third shooting. Crazy Lixx playes old music in their own, new way and this feels almost as good as a full third shooting taking them to the top ten in the competition.

The negative then? On my list of minuses I place the similarities of the songs that might become a bit monotone in the long run. I also say the vocalist who on the third or fourth lap feels almost as annoying as a miss in the final shooting, giving Crazy Lixx a penalty run that makes them lose their contact with the runners for the podium.

Still, Crazy Lixx is a good competitor and a good choice to cheer for throughout the entire season. They make a good debut and for all sleazers, this is a party! For the others, it might not be so fun, but there is definitely a good chance you’ll like it. I’ll say – Crazy Lixx those an album that can be compared to a race with only two or three misses on their first competition on senior level.

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Label - Swedmetal
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Gun’s ’n’ Roses/Crashdïet
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm