Label: Osmose
Three similar bands: Exhumed/Marduk/Cannibal Corpse
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
1. Complete Exsanguination
2. Slut
3. Grind Wit
4. Saw it All
5. Forsaken
6. Smile then Bleed
7. Pledge of Retaliation
8. Icon
9. Human Circles
10. Invoxhate
11. The Underneath
12. Blindfolded Centuries

Julien Truchan (V)
Olivier Gabriel (G)
Liem N'Guyem (G)
Eric Lombard (B)
Kevin Foley (D)

Benighted (2000)
Psychose (2002)
Insane Cephalic Production (2003)
Identisick (2006)
Icon (2007)
Asylum Cave (2011)

Karsten "Jagger" (V on 9)

Phelgeton (art)
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kohlekeller Studios, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

Released 29/10-2007
Reviewed 2007 (updated 28/10-2012)


Seriously, this got to be a joke – right? I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in my entire life when listening to a CD, and I’ve listen to comedy albums!

Everything about this album is so damn comical. The cover, I laugh myself to death. It’s a bold, naked dude, standing straight in the back, staring right up in the sky as the mongo he probably is. The background looks like an old snore paper with stripes and spots in different colors and contrasts. The logo looks like a five year old kid has attempted to write “Asigned” or something but failed completely since it all looks pretty unreadable. The song titles, my God what a joke! Read them and weep! At leas I weeped after coming as far as the third song because I laughed so hard and needed to take a brake to dry my tears that were so filled I couldn’t even see. And what in the name of Stephen Hawking is that thing they call vocalist that they’ve dug up somewhere? Somebody, please, pinch my nose cause I must have imagined all that I just heard! Nobody would seriously mean that this would be singing… or… music? Even the name of the band hints for this to be a joke. They’ve sent me this benighted, with good intensions, and made a well-meant joke on my expense.

Well, since Osmose chose to make a joke with me, then I’ll write them a review just as serious in return.

This album is reeeally great! It is reeeally good music by a group of reeeally cool guys. Especially the vocalist, I reeeally love the vocals! They sound so awesome, tough, cool, evil, mean – everything the vocals are supposed to sound! It’s varied as well, but not comical! Not at all, no siree Bob! I don’t even tend to laugh a single time at the vocals, especially not half way through the second song, were we get to hear a five second long piece of rap vocals, fully motivated of course, after which the song continues as if nothing ever happened – just as it should be! If I were to judge, I’d award it as a musical masterpiece and it would be impossible for someone to see it as anything but fully serious! The second song before the end has an extremely varied guitar playing. I mean, I’m sure they play at least the double amount of one chord throughout the entire song! How many bands can brag with that? It doesn’t sound chaotic at all, they seem to know exactly what they’re doing with their instruments.

It’s a shame that the album is only about 43 minutes long. I’d like to hear much more of this well arranged masterpiece! The guitars are incredibly advanced, they have a bassist who knows exactly how to play, drums that’s everything else than bouncing on as many pieces as possible and once again I must praise their fantastic singer! It’s so damn goooood!

Hold on a second, I just got an e-mail from the label. “Dear Hallowed, what do you mean with joke? No, we are really serious with this album!!”.
Oops… okay then… well, let me just… get something… out of my car… *sound of feet running, a door opening and closing and then a car driving away with a burnout*

‘Icon’ is supposed to be a concept album where every song is symbolizing a state in the life of a mentally ill human being. I say this entire album is completely mentally ill! It sucks all the way from beginning to the end and is totally meaningless. There are some fragments of good ideas, which all are crushed to pieces before I even have the time to complement it. Okay, one thing is good – the sound. It is a good production, but please Osmose – Listen to the albums you release BEFORE they are sent to the stores! And maybe, just maybe, we won’t se any more of this crap in the future. Please!




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