October 2011
Metallica month at Hallowed

James Hetfield (Vocals, Guitars)
Lars Ulrich (Drums)
Kirk Hammett (Guitars)
Robert Trujillo (Bass)

Tidigare medlemmar:
Ron McGovney (Bass 1982)
Dave Mustaine (Guitars 1982-83)
Cliff Burton (1983-1986)
Jason Newsted (1987-2001)

Kill 'Em All (1983)
Ride the Lightning (1984)
Master of Puppets (1986)
...And Justice for All (1988)
Metallica (1991)
Load (1996)
ReLoad (1997)
St. Anger (2003)
Death Magnetic (2008)

Live album:
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (1993)
S&M (1999)
Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México (2009)
The Big 4 Live from Sofia, Bulgaria (2010)
Live at Grimey's (Live EP, 2010)

Other albums:
The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited (EP, 1987)
The Good, the Bad and the Live (Box 1990)
Garage Inc. (cover album, 1998)
Some Kind of Monster (EP, 2004)
The Metallica Collection (Box 2009)
Six Feet Down Under (EP, 2010)
Six Feet Down Under - Part II (EP, 2010)
Lulu (Collaboration with Lou Reed, 2011)

Cliff 'Em All (1987)
2 of One (1989)
A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica (1992)
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (1993)
Cunning Stunts (1993)
S&M (1999)
The Videos 1989–2004 (2006)
Français Pour Une Nuit (2009)
Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México (2009)
The Big 4 Live from Sofia, Bulgaria (2010)

Awards and nominations
American Music Awards (W 2/nom 6)
Billboard Music Awards (W 3/nom 3)
Grammy Awards (W 16/nom 18)
Juno Awards (W1/nom 5)
Meteor Music Awards (W 0/nom 1)
MTV Europe Music Awards (W 0/nom 4)
MTV Video Music Awards (W2/nom 12)
Radio Music Awards (W 0/nom 2)
Q Awards (W 0/nom 1)
Kerrang! Awards (W 5/nom 5)
Rock on Request Awards (W 2/nom 2)

100+ million sold albums
USAs bäst säljande album sedan Soundscan* (Metallica)

* SoundScan = Ett system som spårar albumförsäljning i USA, introducerat 1991.

Last of october Metallica release their new album done in collaboration with Lou Reed under the name Lulu. To build tension until the album is released, we have selected 31 videos, one per day until the album is released. This is today's video:

October 31
The View

Our last video in this Metallica special can't really be accused of being too much of a video when all comes around. it's more of a video-song. Or rather a song with a picture. But let's get to the point. This is a taste of the new Metallica album that's released today! And in fairness you can't really accuse it of being too much of a Metallica album/song. This is more Lour Reed with the help of Metallica, or Metallica doing the music for Lou Reed. It's more Lou Reed everywhere and then some Metallica tunes shines through here and there. Like this song, which is one of the more "Metallicaish" songs on the album. You don't have to love it, it's no real Metallica album - but no collection can be complete without it, right?

October 30
Broken, Beat & Scarred

'Death Magnetic was more thrash than Metallica had been for a long time and this is yet another example of that. Not a particularly amusing video with live footage edited together and not really the best of song either. I actually think this is one of the most boring songs in this video special, perhaps the most boring song (and video). But still - this is Metallica, so how boring does that mean it actually is?

October 29
All Nightmare Long

Real old school thrash from the band that gained so many fans in the 80's sounding just like this. The video is also quite old school with something that's suppose to be old Russian military films. A cool and amusing video, not so probable though, but fun to look at and the song is good old thrash metal without any fuzz!

October 28
The Day that Never Comes

oday, on friday the 28th of October is the arrival of the day that before never had come - the first time that Metallica go on stage in India. The reason for this is that it's the first time India will host an Formula One race and Metallica headlines the music festival F1 Rocks that follows the Formula One circus around the world. The song comes from the album 'Death magnetic' released in 2008, which until monday will be the latest Metallica album released. The Day That Never Comes was the first single of the album and in the video we can see the band playing the song in the desert mixed with images of soldiers being shot at in a desert environment. The sound is more thrash than Metallica has been for almost 20 years and if you loved Metallicas first ten years but hated the next 15, my guess is that you'll find this as good news. At almost 50 years age, Metallica returned to their roots - hooray hooray!

October 27
Some Kind of Monster

About half a year after 'St. Anger' had been released, a documentary with Metallica was released under the name 'Some Kind Of Monster', which contained the story of the band recording and releasing 'St. Anger'. There was however also a single called Some Kind Of Monster released, which came out as single about a full year after the album, being the fourth single of the album. This is it. A softer, slower song with lots of bass and a chorus line that sticks on you. This is the single radio edit version and not the album version which is almost twice this long in running time.

October 26
The Unnamed Feeling

Third single of 'St. Anger' is the stone hard and rock heavy The Unnamed Feeling. A song on the verge of death metal with a video not far from being a horror film, this is an unusually hard song for Metallica. Not only post 'metallic' hard, but hard for being Metallica. Period. And this is actually a 'St. Anger' song where the drums doesn't suck completely.

October 25

Frantic tick tick tick tick tick tock. Frantic tick tick tick tick tick tock… Deep lyrics, isn't it? Well, perhaps not. But of the four singles released from St. Anger this is my absolute favorite not only because it's the best song but also because it's the best video. The single was also more successful than the St. Anger single which means that I'm not the only one who liked it better. You live it or lie it.

October 24
St Anger

Following 'Re-Load' was a double-CD cover album, a live album, a member leaving, rehabilitation, discussions, fighting and then finally a new studio album and on that we got to know a new face in Rob Trujillo (though not the one playing the bass on 'St. Anger'). 'St. Anger' was the first metallic album in six years and first out of the singles was the title track St. Anger, released two weeks after the album with a video recorded in a San Quentin Prison in California. A quite dull video and not a fantastic song either… but somehow it's still pretty nice to see the raw energy and anger in this band.

October 23
The Thing That Should Not Be

Coming from the 'Master Of Puppets' album, The Thing That Should Not Be is probably the most unexpected feature on 'S&M'. Without complaining, though, I must say I'd preferred a few other songs before this one. There was some others on the table, which were selected out of the mix - though perhaps not in favor of this particular song. I must say that despite the fact that I personally would have preferred a few other songs before this one, The Thing That Should Not Be is definitely a well-played and interesting feature on this album. And if you've liked this weeks seven live videos from the 'S&M' show, I recommend you to buy the full album on CD or DVD asap.

October 22
The Outlaw Torn

Do you have fourteen minutes to spare? Then here's exactly what you should do: Play this Metallica song called The Outlaw Torn when they play with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. An already amazing song in its original form on 'Load' became absolutely stunning in this version. Perhaps the best song on the entire 2CD album? Live and mighty just got a whole new meaning.

October 21
Bleeding Me

This is far from my favorite in its original form but here with the orchestra it really is a dream. One of the best interpretations on this album and Hetfield really sings like a god in this one. The entire song is just complete in this version and a perfect ending on the first act, which also was the first of the two CDs in the album release. Now I'm digging my way to something better...

October 20

Tell me which Metallica show that would feel complete when Battery is missing from the playlist? The band tortured their fans and let them call on them yet another time before returning to the stage and burned through this magical song together with the symphony orchestra. The result? Just listen… and enjoy!

October 19

The Second newly written song, specially composed for the show with the Symphony Orchestra. Probably the most unique Metallica song ever! Really, it's so different compared to other Metallica songs. Just listen to how it starts… and the chorus. Barely breathing, minus human…. what does that mean? Well, at least the song is a good one, but I wonder what the hell Hetfield goes on about after the song. Is he drunk or something?

October 18
Nothing Else Matters

The first single of 'S&M' was this new version on the classic Metallica ballad from 'Metallica' in the other end of the same decade as 'S&M' was released in (the 90's). This time they had a whole symphony orchestra with them and this gave the song a whole new depth, arousing interest in people from far outside the hard rock community all over again. The covers hailed like golf balls on a range and despite neither this nor the original version ever sold really well the song reached out remarkably well in to people from all over. To me, this is a superb interpretation of the song and I could hear this song play on repeat 24/7 for a very long time… I know that since I've tried it.

October 17
No Leaf Clover

This is 'S&M' week and we bond ourself to that album until Sunday. First out comes the first of the two new songs, specially written for this occasion with the symphony orchestra - No Leaf Clover. I loved No Leaf Clover so mug when this album was released - it was absolute favorite of this album and I especially liked the instrumental conclusion of the song which as my 15 year old undeveloped music sense gave me the biggest musical experience yet of my life just over a decade ago.

October 16
...And Justice For All

On '…And Justice For All' there was two songs, except for One, of very lengthy nature ticking in on nine minutes plus. One of these is the title track, which you have a chance to get to know today in this live clip, shot on the subsequent tour. With Jason Newstedt new in the band, Metallica succeeded to make one of their best albums, at least according to me. Now, I'm not sacrilegious about Cliff Burton as I say that, it's simply a fact. '…And Justice For All' is awesome and this clip shows how amazing it works live too! Don't doze off in the end because then you miss one of the coolest live effects I've ever seen!

October 15
Master of Puppets

This clip doesn't come with best quality but it's a clip from the last live tour Metallica did with Cliff and it begins with and interview footage of Cliff and the band. Master Of Puppets really is one of the big songs by Metallca, one of the biggest and best they've ever done. One of the most unique too, a song impossible to relate to anything but Metallica and here in "original form", so to speak, with Burton handling the bass and the band doing it as strong, heavy, powerful and aggressive as it's suppose to be. In live version, which along with the previously selected live videos you've seen can be found on the DVD 'Cliff 'Em All'. Buy that if you like thrashy Metallica!

October 14
I Disappear

Movie soundtrack. That's I Disappear, which ended up in the block buster M:i 2 (Mission: Impossible 2), quite noticeable in the music video to be honest. This ended up being the last appearance of bass player Jason Newstedt before marching up to Hetfield and Ulrich in his most arrogant way and told them that "I disappear". Newstedt simply had enough of the Metallica way that didn't let him have his side projects and other band, as well as how they handled the whole Napster story. The song in itself might not be one of the most fantastic songs Metallica has done but pretty unique in the way that Metallica hasn't done any song like it before or since and the video is one of the better from Metallica if you ask me.

October 13
Whiskey in the Jar

The classicThin Lizzy interpretation of a classic Irish folk song got new life as metallic chose to cover it and release it as single. Jonas Åkerlund, who had made the video for Turn The Page got renewed trust but this is still the last video he did for Metallica, which I think is for the best. Turn The Page was a good video but the video for Whiskey In The Jar really sucks. However, the song is a good one despite the fact that Metallica never really succeeded to make it as much their own as they'd done with Turn The Page.

October 12
Turn the Page

'Garage Inc.' was Metallica in their most covering mood, doing a double disc cover album with old and new cover versions collected from songs and bands that had inspired them. The first single of the album was Turn The Page, a song that came with a video that caused a lot of discussions which resulted in much attention and the single ended up eleven straight weeks as number one on the billboard single chart for mainstream rock - the longest ever for a Metallica single. Bob Seger might have done the original version but Metallica made it into their own song.

11:e oktober
Unforgiven II

The sequel on the sequel… The Unforgiven II on 'Re-Load' is the sequel to The Unforgiven (on 'Metallica') and it can be found on 'Re-Load' - the sequel to 'Load'. It's not very similar to either the song or the album it sequels but despite its differences the song is just as great as the first version. The video is quite typical Metallica made up by short clips running by fast which this time is clips of the band playing the song and some mystical figures in backlight. I really like the vocals by James in this song - he sounds really mean, but still really good!

October 10

Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire… there's no real need to say anything else but I'll give you some short notes about the song anyway. The opening track on 'Re-Load' is a fast, aggressive song that in itself was heavier than anything the band produced on 'Load'. The video is almost as fast as the song with short clips running by quickly. Not a personal favorite but I know the song is liked and loved by many out there so this one is for you!

October 9
For Whom the Bell Tolls

"Do you all know Cliff Burton over here?" is something James Hetfield asks the audience first of all in this clip. "Everyone: Hi Cliff! How are you doing?". We would soon say "Bye Cliff" instead. For whom the bell tolls? Unfortunately the bell tolled for Cliff Burton. About a year after this show and this clip was filmed, Cliff Burton was dead. A tragedy indescribable for a whole branch within music. Cliff dying was above just a band member dying, this was a person respected and liked by fans and colleagues all over the world more than most. Cliff co:wrote many songs on 'Ride the Lightning', one of these being this one and just listen to the intro and tell me you can't understand his greatness. It's impossible! Cliff is one of very few bass players that has reached iconic status. Rest in peace, Cliff. We love you just as much now as ever.

October 8
No Remorse

With this almost 30 year old live clip on Metallica at their first live tour is quite interesting to see considering what Metallica achieved with their career and where they've come because of it. No Remorse comes from their first album and is said to kill all the fake people and posers out there according to James before they start to play the song. I seriously doubt it will kill anyone but I can imagine the song might separate really dedicated Metallica fans from those who only like them because of Nothing Else Matters and Until It Sleeps. But of course James didn't know this back then, because when they did this show I guess there wasn't even the slightest idea that they would ever stop playing thrash.

October 7
The Memory Remains

I've always wondered why metallic chose to use the humming from that old, wrinkled woman through big parts of this song. I can't ever imagine that it made the song better than if they'd used a choir or a real vocalist or even a small child to do them. But except from that I think this song is fucking brilliant! Amazing and wonderful to hear and I really do think it's a musical masterpiece seen to how it's written, structured and lyrically. And in the end I don't even mind that dry, hoarse voice of the old woman humming because even that sounds really good!

October 6
Hero of the Day

After my heretic comment yesterday where I said that I love 'Load' I guess everyone that followed this video special has already left Hallowed.se forever. How can anyone be trustworthy in a Metallica special after he has made a statement like that? Well, if you say that after playing todays video then perhaps I deserve such criticism but I'm not worried that you'll disagree with me when I say that Hero Of The Day is a great song! And the video is a great music video! Metallica doing what they do best!

October 5
Until it Sleeps

'Load'. A word hated and despised by thousands of Metallica fans. A word that Metallica fans all over the world relate to betrayal, short hair and softening. Perhaps also humiliation? Is this all we're worth to them, I guess they asked themselves before they burned their entire Metallica discography after hearing Until It Sleeps. Me on the other hand, I love 'Load'. I adore Until It Sleeps. I think the longest Metallica studio album is a superb album, filled with great songs such as The Outlaw Torn, Bleeding Me and then this really good rock song. The video on the other hand… is quite less fantastic.

October 4
Wherever I May Roam

The video for Wherever I May Roam is a long cavalcade of short clips taken mainly on stage from the live shows Metallica did after 'Metallica' in the early 90's. Definitely no eye-candy but the song in itself is one of the best songs of "The Black Album" so it's definitely ear-candy at least. Gives me all I need!

October 3
Nothing Else Matters

One of the most popular songs of Metallica, despite the fact that it is a ballad. The soft and calm Nothing Else Matters was a big single already when it came, but when Metallica released it as a single again with the help of San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra taken from the 'S&M' album the song blossomed in popularity to a whole new level. We'll see that version later in this special, but already in this version Michael Kamen and the orchestra did a contribution to this song. In the music video we see the band in short clips filmed during the recording sessions both inside and ousted of the studio. I really do believe this is the song where Hetfield found his voice for real because what he does in this song is something he hadn't even been close to doing before this - real emotion, real feel. Enjoy this song, enjoy it really well!

October 2
Enter Sandman

The first single and video of the most successful album by the band, the completely black 'Metallica'. This is a song given for any Metallica show, a lullaby rewritten Metallica style in to a hard rock-laby. Is it possible to get more metal than that? To be more evil than that? Am I evil? Yes I am! A classic riff in a classic song on a classic album. The video? Well… decent, or what do you think?

October 1

Four albums in to their career Metallica released their first music video, and what a video they released. Perhaps the best one they've ever done, still after almost 25 years since they made the video. One is for Metallica what Bohemian Rhapsody was for Queen or what With or Without You is for U2. It's the song that is, does and gives everything and then some. It gives pleasure and chills at the same time. It's grand yet simple. It's hard rock, but so much more. And the way it goes in the video with the sounds and images we hear and see it's even more grand. Tragic, yet beautiful. Absolutely magnificent!

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Videos selected and written about by Caj Källmalm