Greatest Hits (2020 Versions)

Label: Marshall Records
Three similar bands: The Wildhearts/Terrorvision/Prong

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Teethgrinder
2. Screamager
3. Opal Mantra
4. Turn
5. Nowhere
6. Trigger Inside
7. Die Laughing" (featuring James Dean Bradfield)
8. Stories
9. Loose
10. Diane
11. Church of Noise
12. Lonely, Cryin', Only

Andy Cairns – vocals, guitar
Michael McKeegan – bass guitar
Neil Cooper – drums

Babyteeth (1991)
Pleasure Death (1992)
Nurse (1992)
Troublegum (1994)
Infernal Love (1995)
Semi-Detached (1998)
Suicide Pact – You First (1999)
Shameless (2001)
High Anxiety (2003)
Never Apologise Never Explain (2004)
One Cure Fits All (2006)
Crooked Timber (2009)
Were Here to the End (2010)
A Brief Crack of Light (2012)
Disquiet (2015)
Cleave (2018)

James Dean Bradfield – guitar, vocals on "Die Laughing"

Recorded on 8 November 2019 at Abbey Road Studios, London, England
Chris Sheldon – producer, engineer
Nigel Rolfe – artwork

Released 2020-03-06
Reviewed 2020-04-25


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The question of therapy is probably quite relevant these days considering the situation in the world these days with lots of issues that might be detrimental to mental health and perhaps necessitate therapy. Clever name. I have written about them before, a live album I didn’t really like and a studio album I did like – I like this band. And now they have gathered some favourite songs and rerecorded them live in the Abbey Road Studio in London with producer Chris Sheldon and they did have James Dean Bradfield sing on the track Die Laughing.

Well musically they are heavy, powerful, kind of somewhere in the stoner, punk or grungy kind of genre, they have found their own niche. They are not stepping too far away from the threaded paths but still manages to find their own style. That they have recorded the album live in the studio makes for a very alive feel to the twelve songs that are offered, and I think they have given new life to the songs they have selected here. Sure, you can argue about the selection, but you cannot argue with making newer and fresher versions of the songs instead of just making a dreary compilation like some bands do. The sound is very good, and they have selected songs that gives the album good variation, they haven’t overindulged either – it is good that they keep playing time sensible.

This is a great album with great tracks and no real weaknesses, the live in the studio thing really fits well here and the songs feels really alive and the album showcases the band from their best side. It might be their best, as it probably ought to be considering that they call it best of. I think that the best of the best tracks are the opening one Teethgrinder and Die Laughing, those are very enjoyable – the whole album is enjoyable to me. It is hard to find anything to complain about here, and that is probably how it should be when the band is performing their best songs.

The album might be therapeutic for some, you might imagine that the band offers some therapy and some enjoyment. It is certainly an album I think that you should have a closer look at, it is very enjoyable and it comes highly recommended should you ever want some therapy.