The End A.D.

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Tormentress/Deadspot/Anvil Bitch

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Addiction
2. Why Won’t You Die
3. Be Here Now
4. Junkie Logic
5. Bitch Magnet
6. Enemy Action
7. I Feel Like Death
8. Tundra
9. Alien Face
10. I Wanna Be Alone

Steve Rodgers - Bass
Lorin Savadove - Drums
Paul Juestrich - Guitars
Ami Friend - Vocals

The End A.D. (EP 2016)
Scorched Earth (2017)
The Smell of Despair (EP 2018)


Recorded by Jason Ruch at Oxi Sound Studio, Cherry Hill, NJ
*recorded by Lance Walter at Rawn Street Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Mixed and Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio, Montpellier, France
Artwork: Daemorph Art
Photography: Dan Long
Design: Paul J.

Released 2019-11-29
Reviewed 2020-02-05


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They are a female fronted band from Philadelphia, and they are releasing their second album, the band called The End A.D. and we have been listening to that album. It is called Badlands and it has a very nice artwork so based on that it could be worth checking out. It is also the first album featuring new singer Amy Friend, she has done and EP and a split with the band before this one and she is probably the most positive aspect of this band.

Punky metal with hardcore elements, they show plenty of energy and very passionate vocals. The variation is decent through the songs and the playing time is sensible as well, the vocals are really good for most part but there are some poor vocals as well. The sound is quite raw and passionate but also a bit flat, it lacks nuances and does sound pretty rackety so I would say that there are some good aspects but more poor aspects to the production. And the album lacks novelty, it feels like a meh kind of album.

I am not very impressed with this album; it is pretty boring overall. There are aspects that I like, especially some of the vocals from Amy that I find very impressive. There are other parts that I like to but no song as a whole stand out for me and the overall sense is that the album is very bland and fails to excite. It is one of those albums where I draw a sigh of relief that I am done now that I have ticked the keys on the computer to make a text about it.

Perhaps it is an album that will appeal to those who like the genre, but I am not so sure about that. The safe bet is that it is an album that is worth overlooking as the rewards are too few and the negatives are way more. So, the recommendation is to skip this one, but you may want to look closer at it if you like the genre.