Surgical Strike
Part of a Sick World

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Tankard/Kreator/Testament

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Dead End Gone
2. Failed State
3. Politicians
4. Conspiracy
5. Below Zero
6. Lambs To The Slaughter
7. Not In This Life
8. Part Of A Sick World
9. Confrontation
10. Sorrow Of War
11. The Breed

Jens Albert - vocals
Marcelo Vasquez Rocha - guitar
Frank Ruhnke - guitar
Florian Seybecke - bass
Moritz Menke - drums



Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lasse Lammert
Cover and layout by Timon Kokott Art-Work
Band photo by Marcel Hobner Photography

Released 2020-01-24
Reviewed 2020-01-29



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I am not so sure that a surgical strike is the way to go when making music, isn’t musical success based on collateral damage and making as much of it as possible? But as we are part of a sick world, at least according to this German band very much inspired by the thrash metal of the Americans, it may be that things aren’t always as you might think. This band is making the debut album with this one and its cover reflects the theme of the songs and the title, it isn’t a great cover though. And the logo is quite typical of a thrash metal band as well.

I doubt these guys have any ambition to reinvent or come up with something personal, they seem very satisfied to sound like a generic thrash metal band. I stole the similar bands from a site that sold records but could just as well have used Exodus, Megadeth, Anthrax, Sodom and on and on ad infinitum. They sound like any other thrash, same kind of vocals, same production, there is nothing whatsoever that feels exciting or unique about this album, perhaps it is unusual with a singer that has two first names instead of a first and a last – I don’t really know the names of many thrash singers so that might be a unique feature for them because otherwise they are as unique as a mass produced toy.

It isn’t a great album; I think that it both dull and pointless and would be surprised if anyone but a very select few thrash metal fans was really impressed by this one. If you want a decent German thrash metal band that is inspired by the American thrash metal, I would pick Kreator over this band any day. The problem isn’t that they are bad, it is that they aren’t good or unique, this album offers nothing that we haven’t already heard before and why should we care about things that offer no novelty? This has already been done by plenty of bands before and done better so I wouldn’t really bother with this one.

It is kind of part of a sick world where meaningless and compulsive consumption drains the planet’s resources and, in the end, could lead to the demise of human beings. Not that I would mind the human race being extinct as that would lead to the end of boring records, this band needs to do much better if they want to make something that people would actually care about.