Skånska Mord
Blues from the Tombs

Label: Transubstans Records
Three similar bands: Half Man/Mothercake/Black Sabbath

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Snow
2. Simon Says
3. Edge Of Doom
4. The Never Ending Greed
5. Blinded By The Light
6. Sun
7. Death Valley Blues
8. The Coming Of The Second Wave
9. Illusion
10. Leaving
11. A Room Without A View
12. Black Salad
13. Black Goats

Janne Bengtsson - Vocals and Harmonica
Patric Carlsson - Bass Guitar
Petter Englund - Guitar
Patrik Berglin - Guitar
Thomas Strömberg Jönsson - Drums

The Last Supper (2010)
Paths to Charon (2012)



Released 2019-05-17
Reviewed 2020-02-13

transubstans records

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Translated this band’s name means Scanian Murders, murders from the southernmost province of Sweden. This is their third album Blues From the Tombs and had I checked the band and the album out before listening to it these last few days I would not have reviewed it as it was released a while ago and it is one of those band who just has a facebook site so finding information about them was quite a chore. It took some doing just to find the name and release years of their earlier works, so bands and labels; please have a real website with discography and general information, social media is good for communicating news and that sort of things but sucks as a channel for information. So, they are not that easy to find out about and this new album seems to be forgotten already considering the lack of information I found on the web.

Bluesy seventies styled heavy rock is the genre I think, not very novel thinking in terms of the creative aspect – more like déjà vu actually. They seem to target the nostalgic audience and not really caring about finding their own voice or own paths, it feels familiar and you will probably think of early Black Sabbath and their contemporaries. The songs do show decent variation and the playing time is quite sensible, I doubt that many will find it too long. To some the lack of novelty might be a bit of a letdown, while other may find the nostalgic aspect appealing.

Blues from the Tombs is a good album, the songs are pretty enjoyable to listen to and there aren’t too many negative aspects to it. One slight niggle is probably the lack of an outstanding hit song, something that makes you want to return to the album over and over again. A strong album needs either original thinking or strong hits to make it stand out from other similar albums, this one has neither. Therefore it doesn’t make much of a mark, something an internet search for the album seems to confirm.

This may not be too disappointing for the one who buys the album, but I doubt it will make its way into anyone’s favourites either. It is a solid effort that could be worth looking closer at if you are a nostalgic person.