Worship to Extinction

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!
Three similar bands: Pantera/Lamb Of God/Exodus

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Worship
2. C.U.L.T
3. Horrorscopes
4. Abominate
5. Lesson in Blood
6. Dance on your Grave
7. Venom Baptism
8. Tripping Balls Out
9. Evil Inside
10. Death & Glory
11. Drowning

Mario Haui Haueis - Lead Guitar
Ralph Jurschitsch - Drums
Martin Storch - Bass & Vocals
Matthias Thurner - Lead Vocals

Hell Awakening (2017)


Produced by Andreas Reinhart
Mixed by Andreas Reinhart at Subsoundstation Studio
Mastered by Henrik Udd at Henrik Udd Recording Studios
Cover artwork & Layout by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design
All photos by Stefan Moschini

Released 2020-08-28
Reviewed 2020-08-27



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Worshipping to Extinction seems like an exaggeration, a pretty big one. It is what the Austrial band Silius have decided to call their new, their second album. They released the first album in 2017, I did play it once or twice but never got around to reviewing it – this one is clearly better so it may not be much of a loss. The band itself was founded in 2013 and have since then done a lot of shows and one album, this new one goes in a heavier and rawer direction than the previous, at least that is what I read when I check out the texts in the promo material. So, how is it then, heavy and powerful enough?

Thrash metal is the genre description that will be most prominent when people are talking about this album, and heavy thrash. I think the similar bands mentioned is a good frame of reference to apply if you want to try and imagine what this band sounds like. They are heavy and they are fast, powerful, but also fairly static, I think the focus on a powerful sound leaves the album a bit unvaried. The sound itself is very good, it is the songs that doesn’t capture enough dynamics to make the album seem varied throughout. Good thing the album is short enough to get away with the lower variation.

I think that this is a good album, it has a powerful and impressive sound. Fans of the thrash metal genre might find this one really impressive, though they might think that it isn’t particularly exciting from a creative standpoint as well. Silius isn’t exactly breaking new ground, they aren’t that exciting if you look at it from that perspective. But, it is songs that are easy to take to and easy to like, so at first glance it seems like a good addition but on closer reflection it looks far less interesting. It is a piece of solid craftsmanship but not really good enough to make much of an impact on the world of metal.

I don’t think this album will lead to any extinction by worshipping, but it can be an entertaining release for the thrash metal fans. It certainly presses the right buttons for them. And it does come with a nice cover and a pretty cool limited-edition vinyl release, that might be worth checking out. In the end I find that this album is one that probably will fail to make much of a mark upon the world of metal, but if you like you music kept within the box and without fresh and radical ideas it might be one for you.