Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Torche/Baroness/Mastodon

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Mannequin
2. Mannequin [Synthwave Remix]
3. Mannequin [Director's Cut]

Tim Kazer - Vocals, guitar
Charlie Dowzell - Vocals, guitar
Kynan Scott - Bass, synth
Tom Coles - Drums/ percussion

Upon His Mountain (EP 2015)
Slumbersong (2017)


Mix/ master: Josh Gallop
Recorded at Stage 2 Studios
Artwork by Elle Romaine - @Umbrelle

Released 2020-07-10
Reviewed 2020-07-16


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I usually don’t review singles but for some reason I had done most of the information research for the review site before noticing that all three tracks were the same. That is the problem with starting work on things without checking up on them before. So, as I did the work I had to do the review, despite the fact that I find singles rather pointless. This one comes in three versions, where one is a director’s cut. The band did release their debut album in 2017 and perhaps this British band is working on their second album, the press material didn’t say anything about that.

The press material states that the band has gone in a more progressive and psychedelic direction. The style is heavy and progressive sludge, a song with a massive soundscape. The production is good, and in terms of style it is a song that doesn’t really differ from much else in the genre. As I wrote earlier, the song comes in three versions, one is the regular single, it also comes in a longer director’s cut and a synthwave remix.

I find this to be a rather good song, not a very exciting one. It isn’t really a standout song; I wouldn’t say that there is very much hit potential here, but it works and is probably good enough to fit on a coming album. It is pretty good to listen to this one, I kind of like the synthwave remix, and I think that fans of Sail and of this genre should check this one out.