Neumatic Parlo
All Purpose Slicer

Label: Unique Records
Three similar bands: Joy Division/Sonic Youth/Family5

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Opto Optics In Consciousness
2. Cardiac Insufficiency
3. Science Fiction Movie
4. Morning Metamorphosis




All songs writte and produced by Neumatic Parlo
Mixed by Patrick Stäudle
Mastered by Alex Kloos

Released 2020-05-22
Reviewed 2020-06-06

unique records

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Neumatic Parlo comes up with an All Purpose Slicer for their debut EP, a four-track release with a cover that doesn’t look very great. It comes on a company that calls itself Unique Records, something that ought to mean that they offer unique records but if this is any indication, they don’t really do that. So, how about this one?

Psychedelic rock is what they claim in the press material and that is probably true, quite simplistic and garage-rockish as well. Not particularly unique or innovative, the four tracks does not show that much variation either and in the end it is probably the short playing time that is the biggest upside.

The vocalist isn’t that great and only the opening track has any kind of appeal to it, the other songs you just gloss over and don’t really pay any attention to. I would think that a track called Science Fiction Movie should be better, but it isn’t and the record itself is disappointing, or uninteresting if you like a description like that more.

There isn’t really much more to say than conclude that most of us will be happier if we don’t listen to this EP. It is a dreary release and Neumatic Parlo needs to improve in every area if they want to make something more relevant in the future.