Moonlight Haze

Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Helloween/Temperance/Frozen Crown

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Till The End
2. The Rabbit Of The Moon
3. Lunaris
4. Under Your Spell
5. Enigma
6. Wish Upon A Scar
7. The Dangerous Art Of Overthinking
8. Without You
9. Of Birth And Death
10. Nameless City
11. Enigma (English version)

Chiara Tricarico - vocals
Marco Falanga - guitar
Alberto Melinato - guitar
Alessandro Jacobi - bass
Giulio Capone - drums, keys

De Rerum Natura (2019)



Released 2020-06-12
Reviewed 2020-06-25

scarlet records

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Now we are given some haze in the moonlight, it is the second time these guys make an album. They have the previous female singer from Temperance and they have quickly brought two albums to the world and this one is called Lunaris. It is an album with a blue cover, not a very attractive cover but female fronted albums tend to be interesting, so what about this one?

It is female fronted power metal, some symphonic touches, Temperance is a good band to compare with. I think the vocals are good, the production is good too. The playing time is a little bit long and the variation isn’t much, the 52 minutes feels a little bit too much for me. Moreover, it isn’t exactly like it is an album that comes with something really fresh and exciting, Temperenace moved on without Chiara with their latest effort while this one feels about the same as that Tempereance album I reviewed in 2016, not that fresh.

It is a good album with good songs, and no distinctive weaknesses. But it is also a pretty bland album without any new and fresh ideas and no standout material, this makes it quite hard to write about it. It is fine and fairly enjoyable to listen to but to find something interesting to write about is way more difficult and that is why this review might seem to be lacking imagination, without exciting ideas it is hard to manage good texts and this album unfortunately lacks fresh ideas.

If you like the Italian kind of power metal it is a good chance that you will be really impressed with this album; but in any case, it is quite unlikely you will hate the album. It is a solid effort, creatively unexciting but it is catchy and well made.