Masked Intruder
III Turbo

Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Teenage Bottlerocket/No Use For A Name/Direct Hit

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. No Case
2. Mine All Mine
3. All of My Love
4. Just So You Know
5. I’m Free (At Last)
6. Please Come Back To Me
7. B & E
8. Maybe Even
9. Not Fair
10. Stay With Me Tonight
11. Dream a Little Dream
12. I’ll Be Back Again Someday
13. Bad Reputation
14. If You Would Hold My Hand
15. Marry Me

Intruder Blue
Intruder Green
Intruder Red
Intruder Yellow

Masked Intruder (2012)
First Offence (EP 2012)
Masked Intruder/The Turkletons (split 2012)
The Wedding 7" (split 2013)
Red Scare Across America (split 2013)
Under the Mistletoe 7" (EP 2013)
M.I. (2014)
Love and Other Crimes (EP 2016)
III (2019)


Produced/Engineered by Roger Lima with co-producer Mike Kennerty at The Moat House, Gainesville, Florida

Released 2020-07-14
Reviewed 2020-08-01


pure noise records

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You kind of know that you are living in a crazy world sometimes, here is another showcase of the meaningless waste that is ruining this planet. Last year Masked Intruder released their album III and according to their own information they recorded 15 tracks but only selected 12 for the album. They released that album on CD and vinyl and with clothes and other products. Then, a year later, they decide that they like these three tracks so much that they want to release the same album again with these tracks added to it. Again they release merchandise, CDs and vinyl, a cynic way to waste resources and make quick bucks from loyal fans without really making any effort.

The music is the same pop-punk that we heard last time with these three tracks of the same character added to them. Catchy as few, really well-produced and such. The same album really and I was positive towards it the last time around so in that regard there isn’t much to complain about. These three tracks don’t really change anything, they add a few minutes but don’t really make the album too long or change its structure – it is the same album that they released last year, these three tracks don’t change that, the cover is slightly different, so at least there is something.

On reflection I think that this album is a waste, it is the same album that was released just last year so it is a waste of resources, good that our planet has unlimited amounts of oil for plastics and that kind of stuff. And that the band’s fans have unlimited money to buy new versions of the same album over again. I think the logical course of action would have been to give away these tracks as downloads for those who bought the album, there is not point to this release itself. I guess that if you are an intruder that doesn’t really follow the law it might be logical to think you can also steal money in other way.

Cynical album, if I was one for conspiracies I might think that these three songs was the only stuff they had written so far and as this little virus ruined the touring they needed money so they claimed they really loved these songs and therefore as a service to their fans they made another one that they just know that diehard fans and collectors have to buy. Money on the bank for the band and a meaningless brick for the buyer. I think the only sane choice is to not buy this one, bands and labels should not get away with releasing such garbage. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the album itself though, that might be good to point out.