Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Dawn of Destiny/Ensiferum/After Forever

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Try to Touch the Sun (Intro)
2. Towards the Sun
3. This Memory
4. Left Without a Cause
5. Time
6. The Answer
7. Fear of Tomorrow
8. The Seed in Your Life
9. Adore Me
10. Atomic Bomb
11. I Will Know Your Name
12. My Enemy

Jens Faber – Guitars, Bass


Detty Scherner – violin
Melissa Bonny – vocals
Federica Lanna – vocals
Eric Dow – vocals
John S. - drums

Artwork & Inlay design by Hans Trasid & Dis-Art Design

Released 2020-05-15
Reviewed 2020-06-22


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Dawn of Destiny guitarist founded the project Malefistum in 2019 and now it has led to an album where Faber along with some friends have put together the album Enemy. It is an album with a nicely coloured artwork, but not really a very exciting artwork. There are other things that could be seen as exciting though, like the use of several singer although Melissa Bonny does most of the vocals. They also have a guest violinist and drummer, the fact that the labels press material tells of uniqueness could be positive although it isn’t exactly unusual that they do so it is best to listen as most of the unique albums I read about aren’t very unique. So, what about this one?

In terms of style it sits somewhere between the melodic power metal genre and the death metal genre, I have heard this kind of music before and Eniserfum might be a very close band. The fact is that it makes me think of other band’s stuff rather than what the band itself has to offer, that is usually not a very positive aspect. The vocalists are decent in their own right but I also think that the vocals are pretty drab despite the varied styles and singers. The production is okay but far from the most impressive I have heard, the uniqueness and interesting stuff I read about is absent from what I am hearing. The album is a bit on the long side with around fifty minutes playing time and not the best of variation, I think many of the songs kind of melt together.

Overall I think Enemy is a good album, it has good songs and good quality, but I wouldn’t say that it stands out or feels unique in any sense of the way. I like the opening tracks, Towards the Sun and The Memory and then The Answer is pretty good too but none of the tracks of the album can be described as standout tracks. It is a solid effort but not a very exciting or interesting one. Perhaps you will be impressed if you enjoy the similar bands and others in the same category, but I cannot really help feeling a bit indifferent as it just more of the same stuff as we keep getting every day, something more exciting would have been preferable.

In the end I think that the conclusion is that Enemy is a pretty fine album that doesn’t really add anything to the world of music. Not many will dislike it but as few will probably adore it, to me it feels like a solid one to listen to but now that this review is written it will never be played again.