Lord Orots
Conquering The Infinite Void

Label: Onism Productions
Three similar bands: Summoning/Burzum/Lustre

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. A Timeless Kingdom
2. The Black Abyss
3. Nefaxion's Awakening
4. The Lord Rises From His Throne

Lord Orots - All music and world building

Mors solum initium est (EP 2019)
Battle Tendency (EP 2020)
Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera (2020)
Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera Bertsio iluna (EP 2020)


All music composed by A.U.
All music recorded, mixed & mastered by A.U.
Artwork by Joan Llopis Doménech

Released 2020-08-07
Reviewed 2020-08-24

onesim productions

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A lord that takes us to world of dreams, isn’t that somewhat exciting? The dream world is without limits and recreating it in music form would give some remarkable opportunities to create some really clever stuff. I don’t know if Lord Orots has created anything exciting before this album called Conquering the Infinite Void that could be the title of a space epic as well as something about dreams, but I do know that he has done a lot for an artist that released the Debut EP in 2019. This is the second album and one of now four releases released in 2020, busy lord.

It is a black metal album, with some synths and stuff and lots of atmosphere. It is quite reminiscent of Lustre that I reviewed earlier this year. I wouldn’t say that it is an album that is offering much in terms of fresh ideas or clever stuff, the similar bands give you a good idea of how this album sounds. The tracks are quite long, pretty consistent with the atmospheric black metal stuff with the four tracks requiring about 34 minutes of your time. We are not given much when it comes to the variation and novelty, so for anyone into this kind of music it will be very familiar.

I would have enjoyed some cleverer stuff; this is too predictable. It isn’t that great, not even good really. I find myself not really listening and the album pass by and then it ends and nothing is accomplished, no emotion has been lived, no enjoyment felt, just time has passed and I have realised that I once again didn’t pay much attention to what the lord has to say. I am glad it is of the atmospheric black metal and not the primitive stuff as this kind is at least not disgustingly bad. You will most likely find this much appealing if you like the similar bands mentioned in this review.

I find myself wondering, I wonder about the dreams. In dreams everything is possible, there are no rules, so why are there so many rules for the artist here? If the music was anywhere near as interesting or unpredictable as a dream can be it would have been brilliant, but it isn’t. I find myself at a loss for good things to say, it is one of those releases that probably caters to the flock but is ultimately quite pointless as no one else will be impressed, I find myself breathing a sigh of relief that this rather dreary album is finally reviewed. I conclude that the black metal fans can check it out, and no one else needs to bother.