La Ment
Ready Set Grey

Label: Spiritside Productions
Three similar bands: Voltak/Svoid/Gravel Shores

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Adria
2. Sacrifice
3. Set Your Suns
4. Crystal Clear

Roland Fügeczki - vocals
Dániel Czakó - instruments & backing vocals


Anna Homoki - add. vocals on Sacrifice
Rita Plachi & Erzsébet Kispál- violin on Crystal Clear
Ildikó Monok - viola on Crystal Clear
Judit Mantlik - cello on Crystal Clear

Mixed, mastered and additionally produced by Gábor Deutsch

Released 2019
Reviewed 2020-02-01


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Hungarian is the nationality of the duo that makes La Ment, or made is probably more correct as I understand that the band is no more. This EP was recorded in 2013 and released digitally, Spiritside Productions then released this physical version a year or so ago. It doesn’t look too exciting just by looking at it, Ready Set Grey is it called but looks whiter, perhaps it is the music that is grey.

I don’t think the music is grey, it is very melodic with some strings in the last track and atmospheres. The vocalist is pretty good, there is some female vocals in the second track too but not very much. The sound is good and so is the variation, almost a bit much variation actually as it feels somewhat incoherent, almost like the tracks don’t really belong together. Overall the production is good but the EP gives a sense of the tracks not quite belonging together, like a playlist or a mixed tape (if you are old) and that isn’t quite what makes an EP good.

The four tracks are all good on this EP, the sense of whole is missing though and it feels almost like four tracks just thrown together into this and that’s a bit of a shame as this has the potential to be outstanding and not just good. Despite really good tracks I still leave this EP with the sense of unfulfillment, like they haven’t really done enough – tracks, EPs and albums grow if they are well put together, this is just four good tracks thrown onto an EP – could just have been tracks from different bands too as they don’t fit together and it is like starting anew for each tracks. Listening to this EP is like listening to a playlist or the iTunes library at random, I hate that even though the music is great I like it when they fit together just making single tracks is meaningless to me, it is like watching a movies where the acts are from completely different movies – it doesn’t work.

I conclude that this could and should have been better, but the tracks are still good enough to enjoy listening to, Set Your Suns is the best I think but the tracks are all good. You will however have most enjoyment of this EP if you are one of those liking mixed tapes or stupid playlists with songs from all kinds of artists and albums.