Jet Jaguar
Endless Nights

Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Judas Priest/Cerberus/Dokken

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Jet Ranger
2. Mr. Lee
3. Blinding Lights
4. R.O.D. (Race Or Die)
5. Tormenta
6. Up To The Top
7. No Surrender
8. Final Prayers
9. Nunca Más
10. 10,000 Voices

Maxx Mendoza - vocals
Sergio Güez - guitar
Nehuen Pacheco - guitar
Jorge Ramírez - bass
Jimmy Lozano - drums

Zero Hour (EP 2016)

Tobias Sammet - vocals
Ina Morgan - vocals


Released 2020-07-17
Reviewed 2020-07-17


pride & joy

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This high-flying jaguar hails from the Mayan parts of Mexico where the jaguar is a sacred animal and the jet propelled one is a lot faster than the normal edition, but the question is if this kitty has some claws. Jet Jaguar was formed in 2014 and have one EP from 2016 under its belt, it is a band that has done pretty extensive touring both in their home field and Europe. So, one might think that it is about time that they extend their repertoire a little bit. The debut album is called Endless Nights and it strikes me as a little bit sad that they didn’t use their name to conjure up a jaguar themed cover, it looks more like a soft rock cover than something from the heavy metal world. But what about the music?

Classic heavy metal with mostly uptempo songs and decent room for the melodies, pretty similar to many bands within the heavy metal genre and nothing really revolutionary. The songs are according to the genre recipe and offers no surprises, but the album is relatively varied and the playing time is sensible to there is always that. I think the production is very strong with good sound that is well-balanced, it sounds more mature than a debut album but there is still room for playfulness and youthful energy, a bit kitty-like perhaps. I think the singer is pretty good as well, not an outstanding vocal talent, but he fits well into the sound of Jet Jaguar.

Endless Nights is fortunately not an endless album, it is in fact a good album with good songs and melodies. I like that they sin in Spanish on a few songs, it adds some needed depth to the album and perhaps that Nunca Más is the best track of the album as well. I don’t think there is much to be negative about when it comes to Endless Nights, the lack of originality is what comes to mind but considering that this is a debut album it is understandable that they are more true to form and careful in that regard, the personal sound (if it comes) is usually found further along the road. I think they hit the marks well with a really solid debut that should add some nice songs to their live repertoire.

Jet Jaguar makes a solid debut album, an album that should appeal a lot to the heavy metal fans as it presses the right buttons for that. I enjoy the tempo and that they sing a little bit in Spanish, some fresh ideas and distinct hit songs added to this and they will really start pushing their jet engine and take off. Perhaps a nice album for those endless summer nights, I think it is worth a try.