Mending Breaking

Label: UNFD
Three similar bands: Four Year Strong/Blink 182/A Day to Remember

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Find A Way
2. Dreamers
3. As Long As You Know
4. Somewhere Else
5. Mending Breaking
6. All I Know

Audie Franks - Vocals & Guitar
Max Priest - Bass
Stephen Hopkins - Drums & Vocals

Old Taste (EP 2016)


Recorded at Tommi rock Studios, Newcastle, Australia with engineer Mitta Norath

Released 2020-02-21
Reviewed 2020-05-08


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Introvert from Newcastle is coming up with a new EP called Mending Breaking, and it is a six-track piece with a pretty near looking artwork that the trio has mustered up for us. It may be something for myself considering the introverted band name, such a thing would appear to fit well. I personally know nothing of Introvert, they released an EP in 2016 and they seem to be appreciated amongst some reviewers as well. The style is modern punk with strong melodies and catchiness but also a touch of a darker mood.

They capture a spontaneous feel quite well and their songs show good energy and pretty decent variation. You will not see the playing time as too long, the opposite is more likely. While they mostly do the tried and tested as well as walk the familiar paths, they still manage to have a relatively fresh sound. Good vocalist, although not someone who stands out in relation to other singers in the punky genre. It is well produced music that is simple and straightforward, easy to take to and easy to like. There are six tracks on the EP with a playing time of around twenty minutes.

Mending Breaking is a good EP with strong songs and lots of catchiness, sure to appeal to fans of the genre. The title track is good, and I think that the best track is Somewhere Else, a really strong track that has me thinking about how great it would have been to be somewhere else at the moment of writing this review. The negative is probably, like with many bands, the lack of fresh ideas and the sense of familiarity that are being offered here, taking the safe path is a good way to not scare away fans but doing that also removes any chance to make a timeless classic.

It is probably a good choice to have a closer look at this album; it is good and offers songs that can appeal to most music fans. Introvert has made a good EP with strong songs, that is my conclusion.