Intelligent Music Project V
Life Motion

Label: Intelligent Music
Three similar bands: Alan Parsons Project/Toto/The Night Flight Orchestra

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. A Kind of Real Life
2. Don’t Let Them Win
3. Where I Belong
4. Letting Me In
5. We Keep on Running
6. By the Side of the Minute
7. Run Away
8. The Final Act
9. Reflecting
10. Every Time
11. Rising
12. The Things in Your Mind

Bass – Ivaylo Zvezdomirov
Drums – Simon Phillips
Guitar – Bisser Ivanov
Acoustic Guitar – Milen Vrabevski
Keyboards – Ivo Stefanov
Lead Vocals – Richard Grisman, Ronnie Romero, Tony Crumpton, John Payne

Intelligent Music Project I – The Power Of Mind (2012)
Intelligent Music Project II - My Kind O’ Lovin (2014)
Intelligent Music Project III – Touching the Divine (2015)
Intelligent Music Project IV – Sorcery Inside (2019)


Arranged by Intelligent Music Project, Milen Vrabevski
Music and yrics By Milen Vrabevski
Produced by Intelligent Music Ltd., Milen Vrabevski
Co-producers: Ivo Stefanov, Milen Vrabevski, Simon Phillips
Consultant [Language Consultant]:Angela Rodel
Mixed and mstered by Ivo Stefanov
Mixed and mastered at Intelligent Music Studios
Strings by Intelligent Music String Orchestra

Released 2020-06-09
Reviewed 2020-08-02


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So, this is an intelligent music project, if you are to trust the name that is, and that is usually a dubious proposition when it comes to judging music. This is the fifth edition of the project and the fifth album, hence the V behind the name. Milen Vrabevski is the guy behind this, he writes the songs and most of those kinds of things. He has some well-known musicians and singer at this command when it comes to this and the earlier releases, and that should guarantee some quality. The artwork looks quite positive with the bird and the colours, and inside that cover we find a dozen tracks with titles that are of a variety that we see often in the melodic rock and AOR genres.

And that is where the music is, in the melodic rock/AOR, arena rock kind of style. Often with catchy choruses, distinct melodies, very polished production, strong vocalists, add some strings in a track or two and you have a pretty good idea of how this album sounds. There are no surprises, you can pretty much deduce what kind of album to expect when you get a minute into the first track, the variation over the album is also more or less what you can expect. The sound is really good and there isn’t much to complain about in that regard, the playing time of over fifty minutes is a bit long but I have heard worse in that regard.

Life Motion is a good album, the songs are good and there is some really catchy stuff. I also think that the vocalists do a really good job on this album, giving energy to the songs. The playing time is one of the negatives I can see, a bit long, they could do away with a pair of songs and give this album more life. Another is the lack of fresh ideas, it all sounds very familiar to me and I have not heard Intelligent Music Project before this album. I think that some good and fresh ideas would have been very beneficial to this album, it is a bit too familiar to be an album that makes a strong impression. It is one that you will think of as a good purchase but not play very often.

Don’t Let Them Win is my favourite track on this, a nice and catchy classically styled track with great chorus and such. Probably not that memorable in the long run though, like the album overall. You will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase it, but I doubt that you will ever look upon it as one of your favourites. Life Motion is an album that works, very strong craftsmanship and some good songs.