Idiot Robot

Label: Dead Games Records
Three similar bands: Space King/Cosmic Punch/As All Die

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Anthem
2. Everytime
3. You tell me
4. 123 Blast Off
5. Black days again
6. Grey Pop Story
7. The Story
8. The Runaway
9. Watching the Sky
10. The Way

Ryan Michalski - Voice, Guitar, Synths, Drums
Clint Listing - Harsh Voice, Voice, Bass, Guitars


Olaf Senkbeil - vocals


Released 2020-09-04
Reviewed 2020-08-29


dead games records

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Idiot Robot, that is also something to look out for. I thought robots were supposed to be helpful and not idiots, the main impression of this album is why is the robot an idiot robot? It doesn’t look like a Cylon, but it looks a bit weird. The duo consisting of Ryan and Clint tells ten robot stories and it is said that they do what they find interesting, I am not sure that is always a good thing – the title kind of indicates that they have poor sense of humour or just lacks fantasy. They are American and I have to say that usually Americans have really poor sense of humour, or maybe it is just that they have bad comedians.

Death pop was a label put on Idiot Robot in the press material, sounds like fun. It means that they take pop elements, roughen them up and then sing in the growly style. I have to say though, that it is quite weird that the songs aren’t catchier, pop is usually very catchy, and this isn’t. I think that it is the ramblings of an idiot robot with damaged vocal synthesiser, and that the sound isn’t very impressive. The sound doesn’t really have any sensible direction, making this album fall between the boxes and possibly into one of the cracks in the old wooden floor down to the never used basement to be eaten by rats on the back of cats. A plus for sensible playing time.

Don’t know about this one, it doesn’t seem targeted at anyone, not catchy and easy enough for the poppier crowds. But neither is it powerful and brutal enough for the darker black metal or death metal crowds, it is something in between. Kind of everything, or nothing depending on how you look at it. It is like a rally driver avoiding hitting a tree and then a ditch but ends up falling of a cliff. It isn’t really a fun album to listen to, it kind of sounds as interesting and colourful as the cover.

I keep wondering why anyone would design an idiot robot, but also wonder about the reason for calling your band Idiot Robot, but perhaps it is memorable. It isn’t a great name for a band, and it isn’t a funny name either. Still, it isn’t about the name, but the problem is that the exact same thing can be said about the music. Brilliant isn’t a word I would use, and it is difficult to recommend this one, who is it for? A plus for them doing their thing but you don’t get plus points for doing your own thing if you don’t do them on good albums.