White Noise

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Joan Jett/Heart/Deep Purple

Ratings: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Damned If You Do
2. Killing Time
3. Nine Lives
4. Grave Digger
5. Louder Than Words
6. Black Sheep
7. Crash and Burn
8. Skeletons
9. Living Dead

Sam - vocals, guitar
Harriet - bass
Jess - drums



Produced, mixed, and mastered by Todd Campbell

Released 2020-07-24
Reviewed 2020-08-03


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The British trio called Häxan wants their debut album to mask the sounds of the uncertain outside world that's around all of us currently, to allow people to escape it. It's an opportunity to shut everything else out and enjoy the incredible potency of music. That is the point of White Noise as they call their album and such things are probably needed, music is said to be good for the mood and things like that. It is probably good that they managed to finish their album despite some troubles for recording due to the lockdown that was imposed to hinder the progress of this virus that still wreaks havoc around the world.

They offer nine tracks of strong classic female fronted heavy rock music with fine energy and pretty good variation. The playing time at 43 minutes is sensible and as the songs are of simple structures, they are quite easy to take to and like. I like the production that is rough enough and has a good grit to it, I like that as rock music should have some edge to it and not be too polished. They have put together a nice production, not a very original one though and that might be seen as slightly less positive if you are a critic.

It is good to see that there are some female bands taking place on the scene, the women in metal are way too few I think. These witches know how to rock like the best of them as well and that is a very good thing. White Noise is a good album with energy and good songs where I find the opening track being the best track of the album and Grave Digger they could have done without. Grave Digger suffers more from the condition that the entire album suffer from, it starts feeling repetitive quite fast and soon you feel like you have heard it more than enough already.

This album is missing that X-factor that makes a good album great, but I have enjoyed it, it is catchy, and it is easy to like. Buyers will probably not be disappointed, and it might provide the distraction and white noise you need to feel a bit better in the crazy times that we endure at the moment.