Gösta Berlings Saga
Konkret Musik

Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: King Crimson/Goblin/Radiohead

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Släpad
2. Vinsta guldklocka
3. Basement Traps
4. Close to Home
5. Konkret music
6. Closing Borders
7. To Never Return
8. Instrument VI
9. The Pugilist
10. A Fucking Good Man
11. Förbifart Stockholm
12. A Question of Currency

David Lundberg - Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Mellotron & Synthesizers
Gabriel Tapper - Bass Guitar & Moog Taurus Pedals
Rasmus Booberg - Guitars & Synthesizers
Alexander Skepp - Drums & Percussion
Jesper Skarin – Percussion

Tid Är Ljud (2006)
Detta Har Hänt (2009)
Glue Works (2011)
Sersophane (2016)
Et Ex (2018)


Produced by Daniel Fagerström and Anton Sundell

Released 2020-07-24
Reviewed 2020-07-21



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Gösta Berlings Saga was formed twenty years ago now in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the press material they have always had the drive to evolve and find new sonic mutations. They are said to eschew the clichés and in difference to many progressive bands actually be forward thinking in their creative process. I am not sure that I was thinking anything like that when I reviewed the previous album Et Ex a few years ago, I didn’t think it was very captivating or exciting. This album is said to take a big step in a different direction, with shorter songs that are adventures in their own right. That all sounds very exciting, but is it?

You will recognise the band if you are a fan, but this album also takes distinct steps forward, or sideways, or in a direction a little different from the predecessor. It is still instrumental and many elements that you have gotten used to are still there, but there are shorter songs this time, more direct and also more dynamic. The synths are also given a lot freer rein and that electronic touch gives a very interesting dimension to this album that feels a lot fresher than the predecessor. The sound is modern and great and the variation strong, playing time sensible, and I would say that it is a more epic album than the previous one despite the lack of longer songs that is usually claimed to be epic.

This is an album that is much more interesting than its predecessor, and it is much better as well. Konkret Musik is a great album, all the tracks are really strong and there is no track that is weaker. We may lack that outstanding and amazing hit track, but it doesn’t really matter that much as all the tracks are relatively close to that. They have really put together an interesting album, the novelty you want from any new album is clearly there and it sounds really fresh and exciting – one of those albums I can listen to many times over, and one that really invites me to listen. It is an album that shows what progressive music should be about, fresh new ideas, exciting soundscapes and really good songs, so far one of the highlights of 2020.

Usually I don’t like instrumental albums that much, but there are exceptions, and this is clearly one. It is an album that takes advantage of being instrumental by daring to go different and therefore give us exciting songs with a strong sense of adventure. Fans of Gösta Berlings Saga and fans who want to hear something fresh and exciting should have a look at Konkret Musik as I think that it is a really strong album that can be enjoyed many times over.