Label: Comatose Music
Three similar band: Devourment/Autopsy/Visceral Disgorge

Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Confront
2. Justice
3. Keep It Tightening
4. Swell
5. Energies
6. Round 13
7. Fate
8. Day To Head

Gokucho - Vocals
Suguru - Guitar
Kasahara - Guitar
Takasick - Bass
Metadon - Session Drums

Abnormal Exaggeration (2008)
Worship Paganism (2010)
Dull Punishment (2016)
Human Garlic Baking (EP 2016)
In the Face of... (2018)

Ryo Honma - Vocals (track 7)

Produced by Gorevent

Released 2020-02-07
Reviewed 2020-02-02

comatose music

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In the twilight world of nuclear winter, where civilisation lies in ruins beneath a sunless, soot- choked sky and ashes drift like snow, the remnants of humanity have been reduced to mindless, feral beasts. Deformed mutants, their bodies ripe with tumours, wracked by the agonies of radiation sickness, their only aspirations to kill, eat and shelter from the eternally chilling cold. The dreams of mankind are forgotten as they crawl back to the caves and a new, brief age of primitivism begins. Ultimately, only perpetual darkness awaits, the winking out of the last light of a proud species, whose inherent savagery is all that keeps their polluted blood pumping for one last meaningless roar against the end. All that I read in the press material for this album, an album that I find appalling to say the least. Not appalling in that it is brutal, evil or something like that, it sounds just bad in every conceivable way.

Brutal slam death metal is how they describe the album in the press material, not that I see how that differs from other brutal death metal. It sounds like a cheap recording with bad sound and terrible zombie-like vocals, I thought it was a joke when I first heard this album, like they were deliberately trying to sound as bad as possible but why would anyone do that? I am not that into the slam stuff, but I read that the point is to make it sound as brutal and simple as possible, unmelodic seems to be a good thing too. But like most brutal stuff it becomes almost comical and ridiculous not very brutal at all.

This band from Japan have had mixed reviews for earlier works, some think they are like any other slam while others praise them, personally I am not sure how there could be any difference between this stuff and any other brutal death stuff. There may be some who enjoys this kind of stuff even though it seems unthinkable that anyone would find anything like this acceptable. Most metal fans will probably agree with this assessment and for the general public this album would be a giant waste of time.

Last time I wrote about an album that completely sucked like this one was about five years ago, so it isn’t common with albums that are this terrible but this one really is. With all due respect to the band and those liking this kind of music, but they have to realise that most sane people and people with any kind of taste in music will hate this album because it is one of the dreariest albums I have heard. There are no positives here, but maybe that is what they were going for – or maybe they just made this as a joke, too bad it wasn’t funny.