Four Trips Ahead
...And the Fire Within

Label: Dr. Music Records
Three similar bands: Black Stone Cherry/Alter Bridge/Tremonti

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Step Into My World
2. December
3. Sea Song
4. Good Times Goodbye
5. There's A Time
6. The Escape
7. Let It Out (inside)
8. Run To You
9. The Descent
10. Bring Me Down

Peter Wilson - Vocals
Brian Eisenpresser - Guitar
Dan Cassidy - Bass
Ken Candelas - Drums

Love And Rebellion (EP 2015)
The Memories (EP 2013)
39th Street Lullabies (EP 2011)
Four Trips Ahead (2008)
The 505 Sessions (EP 2006)
Beginnings (EP 2005)


Produced by Peter Wilson
Recorded by Johnny Nice sound engineer Nick Cipriano at Spin Recording Studios

Released 2020-02-28
Reviewed 2020-06-13

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We are taking Four Trips Ahead and looking at the second album called … And the Fire Within, an album with a nice style of graphics. The thing that comes to mind when taking on this American band is whether or not this an album with fire within, if it is flaming hot or anything fiery like that. That is one of the angles I had when taking in the music of this quartet. I also noticed that this album has been released before in 2017, I guess I missed it then, but I can write about it now instead.

The style is alternative rock, I guess a band like Alter Bridge can be a good reference, they have some progressive elements as well making them feel a lot more interesting than most of the alt rock stuff that is being released. They have a rather fresh sound and a good vocalist, also good variation and depth. The playing time is sensible and the feeling is that this is a very well put together album with strong songs and a pretty fresh sound.

… And the Fire Within is a really good album, I have enjoyed listening to it as it offers great music and even some captivating stuff like the track December. The final tracks are otherwise the best and the album keeps me listening, I don’t fade away from it as much as I do with most of the stuff I hear in this genre. There is just so much tired and dull American alt rock and most of the stuff is boring, so it is nice with a breath of fresh air like it is being offered here by Four Trips Ahead.

I recommend that you check out this album, it really works, and it is really enjoyable. Perhaps it isn’t outstanding but how many albums are? I think that these guys has put together a really enjoyable album that stands well up to scrutiny and that blows most of their peers out of the water, could be an album worth getting.