Finnegan's Hell
Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class

Label: Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: The Pogues/The Rumjacks/Dropkick Murphys

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class
02. Six Feet Under
03. Whiskey, Rum, Gin And Wine
04. The Promised Land
05. Friends And Foes
06. King Of The Bar
07. The Last Dance
08. Tokyo Town
09. Parasite
10. When I'm Dead

Pabs Finnegan - lead vocals and guitar
Mick Finnegan - tin whistle, banjo and vocals
San Finnegan - bass and backing vocals
Cozy Finnegan - percussion and backing vocals
Ace Finnegan - drums and percussion
Old Roxy - accordion

The Molly Maguires (EP 2011)
Drunk, Sick and Blue (2014)
Life and Death (2018)



Released 2020-03-06
Reviewed 2020-02-07



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The title of this album would probably be enough for me to avoid it if I were looking to buy a new album, but as I received it for review it is another matter. The cover looks pretty drab and the song titles doesn’t make me interested in the slightest, who the hell wants to listen to songs about banalities? And isn’t work a curse for everyone? The drinking class probably deserve to be cursed anyway. From the looks of it this looks like a poor an uninteresting album, but I never judge by the cover or the titles – so how does it sound?

Like Celtic punk rock with songs about alcohol and that sort of thing, simple and straightforward with simple lyrics on pointless subjects. Creatively it is not interesting, and it isn’t particularly varied, but the playing time is kept pretty short which is good. The singer is not amazing, far from it, and the same can be said about the production where the sound is average and simple – kind of like a selection of drinking songs.

Overall the album is okay, easy to take to and like. The problem is that it is also easy to grow tired and bored with, two times playing through it is enough to want to throw it away and burn it. Simplicity makes things easy to like but even easier to grow tired and bored with and I don’t want to hear anything from this album ever again as I really hate it now that I have listen through it half a dozen times. Perhaps it is an album that you might enjoy if you are drunk because then you might be dumbed down enough not to notice how simple and shallow and meaningless the album is.

A release that does nothing, it is claimed that previous releases were well-received and acclaimed, I guess that means they were much better than this one. It may work for those of you who like being drunk and singing simple songs while drunk but don’t ever listen while not drunk. Perhaps it could be worth checking if you like the Celtic punk but for those with the slightest bit of sophistication it is best to stat far away from this one, it is just sad and meaningless – boring!