Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands: Hex/Paradise Lost/Altar of Betelgeuze

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Abominio
2. Decadimento Astrale
3. ...Oltregenesi...
4. Esilio Nell'Extramondo
5. Incarnazione Della Conoscenza

Jacopo Marinelli - Vocals
Davide Roccato - Guitars
Carlo Campanelli - Bass
Michele Adami - Drums



Cover art by Korvo
Internal layout and graphics by Luca Brusa

Released 2019-10-04
Reviewed 2020-01-27

transcending obscurity

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Exogenesis is what they call their album and band, this Italian constellation who in their native tongue is called Esogenesi. I have listened to their debut album and it had me thinking not only about its own quality but also how many good albums that might be passing by in that never-ending stream of albums submitted for review. I was close to discarding this along with the hundred or so albums that I discarded last time I made space for more albums in my digital music library, and I can only conclude that it was lucky that I didn’t.

They sing in Italian, one of the more attractive languages on this planet. And on the subject of the planet, this album goes outside and into the cosmos but also dwells on philosophy and alternate dimensions and that sort of thing if you are to look at the lyrical subjects. The music is doomy with growly vocals, the atmospheres are cosmic, and the album has a very nice and adventurous feel to it. Only five tracks and a short playing time makes you listen intensively from beginning to end and there is no time to grow fed up with the album or its content. And Italian works even as a growled language, more bands should sing in Italian.

I think that this album is great, it was quite fortunate that I decided to take it on instead of skipping it. One of the better doomy albums I have heard and certainly amongst the best when it comes to providing an appealing atmosphere. It is a highly recommended album; I think it presses the right buttons and can’t see any weakness worth mentioning. If you like the doomier stuff this is an album that you shouldn’t miss, no one who likes that genre should dislike this album as it is a very impressive release – it would be quite outstanding if they can better it when it is time for album number two.

Not just a great debut, Esogenesi is a very exciting release and it should be appealing to anyone with an attraction towards the darker and doomier sides of the metal genre. Metal in Italian is a trick that is worth exploring more often but it is the depth, and the cosmic feel that makes this album so great. That and the really neat artwork, so why not have a closer look at this one?