Label: Fuzzorama Records
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne/Baroness

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Relapse
2. Sail & Savour
3. Anubis
4. Fossilised
5. Heavy Rain
6. Nostromo
7. Creature Follows
8. The Passage
9. Two-Faced Wizard

Kalle Persson - Guitar
Claes Josefsson - Drums
Torsten Gabrielsson - Guitar
Alexander Huss - Bass/Vocals

Death and Fear (2016)



Released 2020-01-24
Reviewed 2020-01-30

fuzzorama records

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We are taking a ride on the Nostromo, this time directed by Karlstad band Elden. For the Swedish band it is the second album, the first one has been well received by the critics, according to the press material that followed the album. The artwork is pretty fine, not outstanding but it works. I like the name as well, perhaps because of what happens on The Nostromo but Elden has their own story so there could be surprises.

It is an album with nine tracks, classic and powerful heavy metal with strong choruses and powerful riffs – they can be said to resemble a modernised Black Sabbath or something similar to that. Their music is kind of fresh, and they have interesting atmospheres that feels inspired by the cold darkness of space and long journeys on Nostromo. The singer is good, and the variation is strong over the album’s nine tracks, the question is if the playing time that is the same as the answer to the ultimate question is a coincidence or something they cleverly devised when creating the album.

Great album from every aspect, the depth gives longevity, the lack of weaknesses takes away any moot point and great songs keeps you listening. It feels quite fresh and interesting, it is also a dramatic album with a dynamic sound. I think it is an album worth checking out, you will probably enjoy it. It is easy to like this album and not very easy to make arguments against it, and while it may miss those really outstanding hit songs, it has its strengths in the sum rather than in the individual parts.

I don’t think you should miss this album; it offers a great journey through the vastness of space and ends with a long nice epic. Perhaps it isn’t as explosive as sometimes when Nostromo ventures out, but it is still great and even though no one hears you scream in space, the metal of Elden is certainly heard through its vastness. Impressive!