Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Marienbad/The Vision Bleak/Crematory
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Ruhet Sanft
2. Pechschwarz
3. Erstschlag
4. 1000 Jahre Nacht
5. Leblos
6. Schlachtraum
7. Atme Asche
8. Mein Leichenwerk
9. Wangenrot
10. Mutter Schneidet
11. Draub Vom Häuten Komm Ich Her
12. Deutsches Bierlied
13. Grünes Herz
14. Wenn Es Drauben Dunkel Wird
15. Zeit Zu Saufen

M.Roth - Vocals
Yantit - Guitars, Drums, Programming
M.Stock - Bass, Lead Guitars
Frau N.Feind - Violin

Zerfall (1998)
Krebskolonie (1998)
Fleischfestival (EP 1999)
Leichenlager (2000)
Farbenfinsternis (2001)
Wundwasser (2004)
Hexenhaus (EP 2005)
Blutbahnen (2007)
Eine erhalten (EP 2007)
Knochenkult (2008)
Bühnenblut - Live in Leipzig (2009)
Schlangensonne (2010)
Madenreich (EP 2011)
Rostrot (2011)
Todestage (2013)
Flötenfreunde (EP 2014)

Brummbä̈r (EP 2015)
Marschmusik (2015)

Fleischfilm (2017)
Satan liebt dich (EP, 2018)
Fegefeuer (2018)


Produced by Yantit at HcN-Studio in Tambach-Dietharz, Germany.
Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E in Mellrichstadt, Germany.
Cover artwork by svartir andar graphix.

Released 2020-06-19
Reviewed 2020-07-06


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You cannot really claim that they are lifeless this German band who are celebrating 25 years as a band in 2020, and they do it by releasing their fourteenth album and also a limited 7” vinyl EP called Die Räudigen Rennsteigrebellen that is included in the 2-CD kit. It looks good, dramatic and interesting colour scheme, I like the cover, but the question is if the album is any good. The label claims that it is one of their finest yet and that the predecessor that is similar in style was well received by fans and media alike – but most medias just review the stuff they like, and they mostly overrate as well, so that is usually not a good indicator.

Melodic black metal is what it is, kind of the same style as the band has offered on their previous stuff so this should not come as a surprise, maybe the bonus EP does as it is more like drinking songs. Nice thing about Leblos is how they use violin to create a greater atmosphere and stronger sense of melody, as usual the vocals in German fits the black metal style really well and somewhat hides the fact that Eisregen sports pretty a pretty dull singing voice. The variation is good for a black metal release but not good enough to completely sell over fifty minutes, I discount the bonus from the time as this is an extra CD and not included in the regular flow.

Leblos is a more vital release than the name suggests, it boasts an excellent title track and some great atmospheres thanks to the use of violin. The bonus EP is pretty dull. They should have selected away more of the album though; I tend to zone out around the eighth or ninth track. A shorter and more dynamic release would have been beneficial as that shorter and more intense album has you listening through the whole thing. When bands make more tracks and longer album it tends to give the sense that they are just firing away and hoping that one of the tracks makes it into some playlists on streaming sites, the album seems less important, like it does in this case.

If you are a fan of Eisregen you will like this one, it continues on the same path as their previous stuff and it is as good as the previous stuff. Not their best album but it surely works, and the title track is good enough to lure others to the album. It is an album that is worth checking out if you are a fan of the melodic black metal genre, and it shows that Eisregen are still making some vital rain despite the respectable age of the band.