Idea of a Labyrinth

Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers/U2/Foo Fighters

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Leaving The City
2. Idea Of A Labyrinth
3. Act Of Balance
4. Prism Is A Dancer
5. Midwater
6. Questions Never Asked
7. The Science of Sleep

Daniel Darn - vocals, guitar
René Zeuner - guitars, backing, keys & sounds
Martin Pirasche - bass
Hendrik Prause - drums

About Sugar And Other Bitter Things (2011)
Mount Neverest (2014)

Denis Grushin - drums
Chris Heyd - Keys, synth, backings
Marco Lenz - bass
Artem Litvakovsky - cello
Kristina Odrnweller - violin

All Songs written by echolons)))
Recorded at Performance Studios Frankfurt/Main by Jörg See
Produced by René Zeuner and Nick Samarin (Orange Studio/Moscow)
Mixed by Nick Samarin (Orange Studio/Moscow)
Mastered by Phillip Welsing (original Mastering/Hamburg)
Artwork: Drew Roulette (dredg)

Released 2020
Reviewed 2020-06-27

tonzonen records

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Idea of a Labyrinth is the new album by German band echolons))), a band that doesn’t know how to use the parenthesis and capital letters. They released their debut in 2011 and this new album they have based on a postmodern and dark novel, and the concept is based on humanity’s basic fears – or something like that. It didn’t get the nicest cover I have seen but it is a nice digipak for this CD that I have been listening to, seven chapters that looks at things like fear of progress and insomnia to name a few of the things covered in the seven tracks of this album.

The band is alternative or progressive rock music, they don’t quite fit into the normal formats, but they don’t really stand out either. The songs are relatively varied and there is a decent depth and playing time to the album, the production is good and so is the vocalist. I think they have put together a strong production, not really a standout one though.

Idea of a Labyrinth is a good album, the tracks are quite good and the sound as well as atmosphere. But there is something missing for the album to become great, a hit song or some other standout part would make anyone take notice. I mostly just gloss over this album; I play it and then it ends without leaving any lasting impression. If you like the alternative stuff you may find this one agreeable, I think they slightly lack direction and that leaves the album appearing a bit unfocused and not very memorable.

They don’t fail and they don’t quite succeed, it is a bit of an indifferent album. I think that echelons))) have great potential but they don’t quite deliver on their promise. Perhaps Idea of a Labyrinth gets a bit lost in its own maze of thoughts or themes. I fear that this album will be pretty fast forgotten, it probably already is.